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2014 Regional Urology Education for Nurses
Programme facilitated by
Sue Osborne, Urology NP, WDHB
John Binu, Urology CNE, ADHB
Kindly sponsored by
Advanced Urological Nursing Forum
Wednesdays: March 26th, Aug 27th & November 26th
(2 1/2 hr breakfast meeting - commencing 0730hrs)
Updates on prostate cancer and other urological topics of interest
Venue: Conference Room One, North Shore Hospital
Cost: $ 15 for nurses not employed by WDHB or ADHB
Urology Topic Study Days – Auckland City Hospital
Bladder Cancer
Renal Calculi
Prostate Cancer
March 3rd
May 19th
October 20th
Urology 101 – Study Day – North Shore Hospital
Wednesdays: May 7th and October 22nd
Urology 101 – Study Day – Auckland City Hospital
September 15th
General Urological Nursing Skills
Haematuria management
Half Day Study Day – April 14th and November 24th
Intravesical Cytotoxic Administration (ADHB protocol)
Half Day Study Day – March 17th and September 29th
Venue for all sessions: Auckland City Hospital
Male Catheterisation Module
Dates: Mar 5th, Apr 2nd, May 28th, Sep 24th, Oct 8th, Nov 5th.
Four hours of theory and practical teaching.
Venue: Conference Room One North Shore Hospital
All enquiries or bookings to [email protected]
Cost for nurses not employed by WDHB or ADHB: Study Days $75 / Breakfast