Link Development - Attracting & generating the right links Lisa Myers

Link Development
- Attracting & generating the right links
Lisa Myers
CEO,Verve Search
About Lisa Myers
11 years experience in Marketing, 7 in Search & Social
Speaker at Search Conferences Worldwide (SES, SMX, A4U etc)
Regular contributor to on and offline publications and author of several SEO Best
Practise Guides including eConsultancy and B2B Marketing
Heavily involved in the global Search Community, founder of and co-founder of European search blog StateofSearch
• “Search Personality of the Year” UK Search Awards 2011 + “Best SEO
Campaign” for her agency Verve Search
• Management Today “35 women under 35” list 2009
• “Best Use of Technology woman under 30”
BlackBerry Woman & Technology Awards (2008)
• “B2B Marketing Newcomer of the Year” (2007)
some link history
Google developed PageRank to measure
importance of pages largely based on incoming
linking structure and quantity
{then came quality and
relevance + strength = quality
Site 2
Site 1
Your Site
Latent symantec indexing, surrounding content of
a link.
 Not just about page 1 linking to your site,
but about the overall SITE and it’s relevancy
 Also about Site 2 linking to SITE 1
In 2012 the algorithm is
significantly more sophisticated,
there are still weaknesses
Like....Article Spinning
• Where one article is used to create several
versions, by replacing original words using
synonyms and rewriting sentences
• Where a single piece of writing is remade into
multiple variants of the original by substituting
words and sentence structure using similar
Article spinning still works because the
Search Engines aren’t there YET. ....
“In the beginning there were Robots”
.....then they evolved
SEOmoz 2011 Study
Correlation between social signals and
higher rankings (this was pre G+)
Tasty Placement – Test 2012
Does Social Media boost
organic rankings. 6 websites
used in the test.
Boost in rankings from social shares is likely
to be restrained by time.
Is Google serious?
Google +
+ my World
how serious
Google is about
Social signals
subtle hint
Link Development
1. Brainstorming
2. Link Analysis & management
3. Link Prospecting
4. Creative & Implementation
{ brainstorming – let your
mind wander
Topics - Don’t Restrict Yourself
A site selling clothes does NOT need to be
restricted to fashion topics!
Allow a Chain Reaction
{ link analysis & management
What to analyse: The Basics
Anchor text
Depth of links (what pages are linked to)
Type of links (sources)
Authority & Strength of links
Backlinks history
Analyse your own site & your competitors!
# Domains Linking
Type of Links
Use of Anchor Text
Depth of Links
{ link prospecting
- finding sites to target
Competitors Links
• By analysing competitors links you will be able
to find sites that have already linked to
someone in your industry
• Targeting these are good to start with, BUT
you obviously don’t want just exactly the same
as what they have
Finding Relevant Sites
• Keyword + “article”
• Keyword + “blog”
• Keyword + “directory”
Keyword inurl: “write for us”
Keyword inurl:”guest posts”
Keyword intitle: “write for us”
and so on...
Useful Tool
Mangia Guest Post Tool
Using Known Social Networks
• Utilising forums and social networks in your
industry to find relevant target sites
• Bloggers are also often very social active on
twitter, facebook, pintrest, instagram etc
{ creative & development
Types of Link Development
• Utilising Existing Relationships
• Link Building
• Link baiting
• Article/Content Marketing
Utilising Existing Relationships
Often it is the simplest idea that gives you the
most link juice!
For example;
- Would your partners, customers etc link to
- Which University did the CEO go to?
Links to domain= 35.8 MILLION!
link building
Link Building
• Directories
• Blog & forum comments
Usually low quality so work best as fillers.
Should NOT be Primary Link Dev Strategy
link baiting
A piece of digital content (article, video,
infographic, etc) that specifically increases
the chances for generating “organic links”
real examples
{link (and social) bait
Infographics is great link bait!
Content Outreach
It’s all about the ANGLE!
Give something back
Have something to trade, why should they
be linking to you?
Content (must be relevant!)
Breaking news
Free “something”
Don’t always try source a home for an article
already written.
Find sites you WANT to get a link from and
then write the article!
Their tone of voice and style and type of article!
Writing the content
• Spend time writing the article, it’s got to be good!
Include stats, research or similar.
• Make sure the angle is appropriate for target site
• Including keywords that you are targeting for
surrounding text
• ANCHOR TEXT (ideally your main target
• Stay away from main keyword in HEADLINE
though, as you don’t want them to rank ABOVE
real examples
{content outreach
creating content for
Thank You!
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