December 2014  Monday 15

December 2014
 Monday 15th - Gingerbread Day
 Tuesday 16th - Making Decorations
 Wednesday 17th - Winter Soup Making Day
 Thursday 18th - Christmas Card Day
 Friday 19th - Excursion Day
January 2015
 Monday 5th - Calligraphy Day
 Tuesday 6th - Dango (Dumpling) Making
 Wednesday 7th - Karuta
 Thursday 8th - Earth Day
 Friday 9th - Visit the Shrine
Child’s Name:
Class Name/Age:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
Additional Info (Allergies, etc):
*Each day is 12,000yen tax for Non member students with a registration fee of 10,000yen.
Reimbursements and make-ups will not be offered. Materials/excursion fee may be added
at the teacher’s discretion. 8% tax will be added to all payments.
*Hours will be from 9:30am to 2:30pm.
Final day for sign up will be December 5th.
Email* [email protected]
Tel* 03-3453-0811