From Fr. Beatty, Dear Veterans,

From Fr. Beatty,
Dear Veterans,
I hope you had a good Veterans' Day and felt honored and appreciated. It seems so strange to give a
single day of the year to honoring those who have sacrificed much and risked everything to defend
our country. But that's the same dilemma we're always up against: anything we say to you seems to
fall so hopelessly short of what we want to express, we often choose to stay silent rather than say
something embarrassingly inadequate.
We also feel nervous about presuming to know anything about what your service was like. Most of
us don't know what it's like to work in heat that may require an IV for fluid as we sleep; some of you
do. The Korean winter, the Vietnamese backcountry, life for months on a fighting ship, Afghan and
Iraqi patrols... we have about as much clue what these are like as we do life on the space station.
And what about those of you whose service wasn't particularly excruciating or perilous? You'd shrug
off any talk of heroic service, but from our point of view you are truly heroic because you stood
ready, you were willing.
From the Medal of Honor recipient to the Personnel Office staffer, we hear veterans passing the
honor to others. Others who fought harder or sacrificed more or sacrificed everything. We love the
goodness behind this sentiment and we wouldn't wish it otherwise, we wouldn't wish less goodness
for you. But we also hope you understand our point of view, and why we consider you heroes every
one. Even if we have no idea how to express it.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanksgiving Friendship Trays: The Altar Society will be delivering Friendship Trays to the sick
and shut-ins on Saturday, November 22 beginning at 10:30 a.m. Anyone wanting to bring cookies
or fruit for the trays should bring them to the St. Joseph's gym on Friday (11/21) between 9 a.m. and
5 p.m. or by 9:00 a.m. Saturday 11/22. If anyone is interested in helping deliver the trays, please be
at the gym by 9:30 a.m. This would be a great community service project for families. Please call
the church office at 272-7059 or e-mail [email protected] with names, addresses, phone
numbers, and any special diet needs for anyone you know who you would like to receive one of the
trays. We need all names submitted by November 19.
Youth Ministry Laser Tag St. Kateri Youth Group (Grades 7-12) will gather immediately after
class on Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014 to share pizza in the parish hall. We will then travel to Pirate Pete’s
Laser Tag & Arcade in Marion and return around 5:00 pm. Permission slips are available in all
chapels. Call 618-276-4642 for more information.
Weekend Snack Pack
The Weekend Snack Pack Program is serving 55 students in the elementary, junior high and high
school. Students look forward to receiving their snack packs on Friday afternoons. Many students
have expressed their appreciation for the packs. Thank you to all who made donations to this
program. What better way to serve God than to feed the children!
All are welcome to help assemble snack packs. This activity takes place in St. Mary’s basement on
Thursdays at 5:30pm. The process usually takes about 30 minutes. On weeks that school is not in
session on Fridays, the snack packs will be assembled on Wednesday evenings and distributed on
The School’s Angel Tree Program will soon be seeking sponsors. We are anticipating 130 angels
in need this Christmas. Please consider sponsoring a child. Watch the bulletin for additional
information about this worthwhile program. As always, your donations & sponsorships are greatly
appreciated by the children, families, and staff at Gallatin County School.
2015 Twelfth Night Ball--January 3rd!...See the formal invitation for all the details of this seventh
event! In-person whole-table reservations for groups of 9, 10, and 12 only, begin Monday Nov.
17th, 6:30-7:30pm in St. Joseph School. Bring name, phone no., and $28 for each guest at the
table. A small number of seats for couples and other parties that are smaller than whole-table size
are available Tuesday Nov 18th. Reserve those in the church office during regular hours. **Black
tie requested--Ages 21 and up--reservations required—BYOB--setups and snacks provided--doors
open 5:30 with appetizers—dinner 6:15 followed by dancing to music by The Remedies from
For Your Calendar
Nov 16, Sunday: PSR Class
Nov 17, Monday: There will be mass for the Deceased Members of the Altar Society at 6:30pm and
the meeting immediately following.
Nov 24, Tuesday: Parish Council Meeting, beginning with Mass at 6:30pm, St. Joseph’s Chapel,
Thanksgiving Mass Schedule:
Wednesday, November 26th - 7:00pm at St. Mary Chapel
++St. Kateri Cookbooks are still available! Cookbooks are available to pick up at various
locations: Parish Office, Village Boutique, Bacher Jewelers, Dream Baskets, and Dode Drone’s
house. Please make checks payable to St. Kateri Building Fund.
Thursday, November 27th -9:00am at St. Mary Chapel
Nov 30, Sunday: PSR Class
Pray for those who are sick or in hospital: Frances Bertino, Bob Blair, Ray Brown, John Carruba,
Dorothy Drone, Phyllis Drone, Christie Etienne, Gary Gabel, Jennifer ‘Rider’ Humphrey, Deana
Jones, Don Kimbro, Andrea Mulvey, Roxanna Nicholes, Rachel DeVous Page, Ray Parker, Gabriel
Payne, Rita Peyton, Misty Rung, Shannon Sauls, Ed Sieverding, Frank Sisk, James Stone, Paul
Tanner, Johnny Wargel, Melinda Wolf.
Also remember our sick and shut-ins: Lily Bickenbach, Jack Brown, Ruth Brown, Jim Coyle,
Connie Craig, Nina Kay Dallas, Jim Doyle, Becky Drone, Gregg Drone, Pat E. Drone, Pauline
Drone, Virginia L. Drone, Edith Drone Drufke, Doris Febuary, Jim Foster, Shelby Lynn Gass, Jan
Haines, Brenda Harvey, Faye Holmes, Lisa Holmes, Mary Jo Holmes, Norma Jean Jacobs, Barry
Lee Jones, Sandy Jones, Mike Lane, Vonnie Massey, Marie Mitchell, Barb Naas, Jesse W. Parker,
Beth Pyle, John Scherrer, Gertrude Scherrer, Priscilla Seely, Theresa Shoulders, Frank Skaggs, Bob
Vickery, Chuck Vinyard, Jean Wargel, Runette Williams, Terry Wiles.
(To add/delete a name from the list please call the office: 618-272-7059.)
OUR RETURN GIFTS TO GOD LAST WEEK: Thank you for your generosity.
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“The Cross was the glory
of my life and of my
death, and I want you to
make it yours.”
[email protected]
- Saint Kateri
Tekakwitha, Lily of
the Mohawks
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