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Kanoelani Elementary School
November 2014
Nov 4
Nov 11
Nov 15
Nov 27-28
Dec. 5
Election Day: No School
Veteran’s Day: No
Basketball Tournament
Thanksgiving: No School
Flu Shot Day
Weekly Assignments
1. 2 Teenbiz Activities
2. 1 assigned TB Thought Question
3. 1 assigned IXL strategy
*Internet access available at school
to students that do not have access
at home. Please make arrangements
with your child’s teacher.
Parent Communication
I really enjoyed meeting everyone
who came to parent teacher
conferences. Please let me know if
there are any questions that you
would like me to address. Remember,
the planner and goal tracker are key
components of daily communication
between the school and home.
Please be sure to check and sign it
Math: We are covering Ch. 4 and 5
which is on rates, ratios and percents.
This includes equivalent ratios,
comparing ratios, unit rates, unit
conversions, and using percents.
Language Arts:. Some of the
strategies that we have learned this
quarter include identifying main idea
and supporting details, author’s point
of view, and non-fiction text
structures. A big focus in 6th grade is
Greek and Latin roots. Students will
use this knowledge to build their
Science: This month we are
introducing the periodic table and the
atomic model. Encourage your child to
study their notes!
Social Studies: As part of our study of
ancient civilizations, we will be learning
about many of the world’s religions.
This would be a good time to discuss
your family’s beliefs with your child.