I have read the LIMU Ultimate Auto Program material, and I acknowledge and agree that the rules, requirements and responsibilities
To earn the Ultimate Auto Bonus of $600 I must achieve and maintain Paid As rank of at least 20K under
the Prosperity Plan. I understand that I will not be eligible for the bonus in any month that I do not satisfy the
requirements to meet the Paid As rank of at least 20K.
To be eligible for the Ultimate Auto Bonus, I must purchase or lease a new or used BMW automobile with a black exterior.
I understand that I will not receive my Ultimate Auto Program Bonus of $600 until I have e-mailed a photo of myself with
my new BMW along with my testimonial to [email protected] (Please refer to PHOTO TIPS)
I may not assign or transfer my Ultimate Auto Program bonuses to any third party. This includes, but is not limited to,
I may not combine my Ultimate Auto Program bonus with that of another LIMU Member’s Ultimate Auto Program
or lease my own black BMW and it must be titled in my name to receive the LIMU Ultimate Auto Program bonus.
I must remain an active LIMU Member in good standing with the Company.
I will remain eligible for the Ultimate Auto Bonus so long as I meet the terms of this Agreement and own or lease the
BMW that I acquired under the Ultimate Auto Program.
The contract for my new BMW is between me and the car dealership and/or the lender or leasing company.
LIMU is not a co-signer, guarantor or a party in any way to these contracts and will not make any car, loan or lease
payments on my behalf.
It is my responsibility to pay the auto dealer/lender or leasing company according to the terms of the contracts I execute.
I understand that if in any month I do not qualify for the Ultimate Auto Bonus, I am nevertheless responsible
for making the car payment.
I am responsible for all taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs on the automobile I acquire through the
Ultimate Auto Program.
I am solely responsible for all liability related to the purchase and/or operation of the automobile I acquire through
the Ultimate Auto Program. I agree to indemnify LIMU against any and all legal actions against LIMU arising from or
relating to my purchase, ownership, lease agreement and/or operation of my vehicle.
This Agreement is governed by the law of the State of Florida. Any dispute arising from or relating to this Agreement
Sign and send this Agreement and Acknowledgement to Karen Gardner at 407-641-8483 (fax) or [email protected]
I elect the LIMU Ultimate Cash Bonus of $300 in lieu of the Ultimate Auto Program.
Printed Name
When shooting your BMW photo, we’d advise following these six tips:
Make certain you take your picture(s) using a digital camera, not a cell phone.
Bigger is better! The picture you send in should be at least 3MB or larger.
Landscape format (or horizontal) is recommended. Allow some space on the right or left side of the
portrait to allow for your name and other design elements on the testimonials page.
Pick a background that is uncluttered, simple and has natural light. You shouldn’t have to use your
Don’t take your photo with your back to the sun or facing directly towards the sun.
Shine those wheels! A clean BMW always, always photographs best!