Sunday, November 23 , 2014 New Church Photo Directory 2015 T

The Cherub Choir (JK—Gr. 4) practices from 6:30pm—
7pm in the conference room.
The Intermediate Choir (Gr. 5-8) practices from 6:307pm in the upstairs Sunday School rooms.
The Adult Choir practices in the sanctuary from 7:308:30pm.
The First Christmas Story practices in the sanctuary
For more information please contact Kimberley at
[email protected]
Musical Prelude: Students taking lessons on a
musical instrument are invited to play prelude at
Sunday morning services. Please talk to Kimberley.
Children’s Christmas Story Choir rehearses
Thursday evenings. For more information contact
Kimberley at [email protected]
First Christmas Story—Wed Dec 10 (Seniors) Sun
Dec 14 (3 & 7pm), Mon Dec 15 (7pm) & Tues Dec 16
(7pm): Tickets available to the congregation TODAY;
and to the public from the church office starting
Tickets are free but required for
a d mi ss i on .
C on tac t
K a th y
H a ll ida y
[email protected]
New Church Photo Directory 2015
Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Family portrait bookings for our new photo
directory will be made with IPC Canada on the
following dates: January 26th and the week of
February 2 – 7 (2:30 – 8:30pm). The IPC website
and special booking forms will be made
available throughout the month of December only 2 weeks away!) NB: If you are a snowbird
or have children attending university, IPC
Canada have set aside special dates in December
to take your family portraits: These dates are:
Friday, 19th December from 2:30 – 8:30 p.m.; or
Saturday, 20th December from 9:30 am – 3:00
p.m. Special booking forms are in your pews for
the month of November for these December
times. If you need to book in December, please
fill in the Early Booking Request Form provided
and place it in the collection plate. Jean Jones will
appointment. Contact Jean at 705-445-7845 if
you need further assistance.
Thank You to Kathy Halliday, Binnie Armstrong,
Unsung Heroes: Today we recognize and thank
Catherine Brown, Millie Mirrlees and Carolyn Campbell
-Sheen for helping to lead worship this morning; and to
the Cherubs and IC Choir for their music this morning!
And to their leaders, Kathryn Garbutt, Angela
Girdwood, Melissa Mills and Karen Salcedo. Thanks as
well to Trevor Hanley for his solo and to the ushers,
greeters and nursery care volunteers. We appreciate
Christmas Baskets: If you are interested
in preparing a Christmas Basket for a less
fortunate family, contact Lorna Shackell
705-445-5272 or [email protected]
Binnie Armstrong for her years of service as Chair of the
Mission & Outreach Team. Thank you for all your
200 Maple Street
Collingwood, ON L9Y 2R2
Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Events and Activities
Welcome and Announcements
Gathering Praise
"Here I Am Lord"
Call to Worship
led by Kathy Halliday
Prayer of Adoration & Confession & the Lord’s Prayer
"He Knows My Name"
Special Music
"Light A Candle/As We Go";
Cherubs Choir
Children’s Time
Albert Gardiner
(Sleeping Children Around The World)
Song of Praise
led by Binnie Armstrong
Isaiah 35: 1-10 (p.1111)
Intermediate Choir
Message: "Bursting Forth"
Speakers: Catherine Brown, Binnie Armstrong,
Millie Mirrlees, Carolyn Campbell-Sheen
Hymn #758
"Christ’s Is The World"
Prayer of Dedication for the Offering
Offertory Anthem
"The Mission" (Mohr);
Trevor Hanley, soloist
Week of Nov.
Tues. Nov 25th—Ladies’ Bible Study—10:00am, Conf. Rm.
Tues. Nov. 25th—Community Dinner, 5:30pm, Lower Hall
Wed. Nov. 26th—Bible Study—`Who Is Paul’, 1:30pm in
the Conf. Rm.
Thurs. Nov. 27th—Meet ‘n Greet, 9:30am—11:30am, Lower
Upcoming Events
Sun. Nov. 30th—Communion Sunday. Luncheon to follow
the 10:30 service. Those whose surname begins with A-L
please bring sandwiches and those whose surname begins
with M-Z please bring cookies & squares. Volunteers to
help with the lunch please sign up in the Welcome Centre.
Sun. Dec. 7th—Food Bank Sunday—Large cans or bottles
of juice and cookies are requested.
Sun. Dec. 7th— First Celebrates Women Bake Sale in the
Welcome Centre. Bakers: please bring their baked goods
to the church on Sunday, December 7th before or after the
9:00 am service, sales happening between the two services
and after the 10:30 service.
Wed. Dec. 17th— First Celebrates Women Social and get
together to wrap gifts for the Christmas Basket assigned to
the group by Lorna. There is also a Christmas cookie
recipe exchange and potluck dessert and beverages.
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Closing Hymn #740 "Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace"
Benediction and Choral Amen
Closing Chorus
"As We Go"
Today, offering envelopes have been included to
support the work of PWS&D (Presbyterian World
Service and Development)
If you are new to our Church or a visitor, please fill out the
back portion of the Welcome Brochure and place it on the
offering plate.
Library Lines - The books mentioned today
are available in the library: The Girl in the
Picture, Damned Nations, Greed, Guns,
Armies and Aid, and With God Nothing is
Impossible (re: SCAW). Thanks to Millie
Mirrlees for her donations. FYI, books can
be reserved.
Church School Update - Welcome
to First Pres Church School! We are
so glad you are able to join us
today. We have two priorities: first,
to give your children a biblical
teaching that will open for them a
window toward who God really is. And second, to have
some FUN! We truly want them to associate God with a
good time and a positive experience.
MITTEN TREE - Once again our Knitters and
Crocheters will be providing mittens, hats and
scarves for the Christmas baskets that many of
you are preparing. We can't promise to have
enough for everyone but you are welcome to take what
you need for your basket from the tree in the lower hall
beginning Sunday, November 30th.
Knitters and
Crocheters please bring your contributions to the church on
Thursday morning, November 27.