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We return to school brimming with confidence and optimism for the new academic year. In August Year 11, as
predicted, achieved the best examination results in the history of the school. 56% of our Year 11's achieved five
or more A to C grades. A massive improvement on previous years,but more importantly continuing our upward
trend of success.
We welcomed the new pupils in to Year 7 and I am delighted to inform you that they have settled quickly into
our routines. Many thanks to our new families for ensuring that the Year 7 pupils are smart, hard working and
extremely well mannered. We look forward to working with the families for years to come.
As the plan for our £10.7 million refurbishment and partial rebuild continue, we are well on the way with the
thinking toward the sort of facilities we wish to have for forthcoming generations of pupils. School Council
(pupils) continue to be creative in their thinking about learning styles and designs of learning and social spaces.
Last week a team of people from the Sorrell Foundation were in school creating a follow up DVD production on
the growth of the BSF project started two years ago. The DVD will be distributed to local Authorities and other
schools across the country. The team were particularly interested in how the BSF projects have been guided by
the “voice of the pupils” in design. We have already refurbished areas of the school to ‘pupil’ led specification.
Mr Carpel Teacher of Science, Mr Rusano MFL Assistant, Miss Gaubert MFL Assistant, Mrs Iguisi Teacher of
MFL, Mr Jacobson Cover Supervisor, Mrs Wang MFL Assistant Mr O’Brien School Chaplain, Mrs O’Brien
Teaching Practioner, Miss Prizeman Comunity Cohesion Coordinator, Miss Slaughter Teaching Practioner, Mrs
Utton Teacher of MFL. Miss Murphy Teacher of Art, Miss McGann Teacher of Science, Mr Wade Teacher of
Welcome to Year 7
Prayer Corner
Year 7 have settled very well in to our LaSallian community. Their approach to learning
has been excellent and mature. I am delighted with their progress so far and I am confident that this positive start will continue and
we will see Year 7’s grow and flourish over
the coming weeks.
Father, as we begin this new school year,
we ask for your blessings on all who are
involved with our school. May your spirit inspire us to follow your way together,
and to grow in the fullness of life offered
in Jesus your son.
Mr Wright
Head of Year 7
Charity News
‘Friends of De La Salle’
Recently we submitted some of our pupils’
work for ‘Young Writers’ Mini Sagas 2009
creative writing book series. In this exciting
competition, children were asked to write an
imaginative mini saga on a theme that inspired them, with the added challenge of using
50 words or less.
Mini Sagas is a Young writers’ nineteenth
annual creative writing competition. Some of
our pupils’ stories have been chosen for publication in one of the regional books representing the best of the children’s work.
Friends of De La Salle are pleased to report that their
fund raising has made £650, which is to be donated to
the P.E. department, to enable them to purchase waterproof tops for sports teams representing the school.
We would also like to raise funds to support our students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award
Scheme recently introduced to our school. To this end
we will be holding a Quiz Night on Friday 2nd October at 7pm. Tickets are £5 each or a family ticket £15
(2 adults and two children up to age 16). You are
welcome to bring your own refreshments.
We look forward to seeing you there and thank you in
anticipation for your continuing support!
The successful students’ whose work was
selected are listed below:
Melissa Foakes
Abigail Salleh
Ryan Ingram
Dannie Slade
Marie Andrerson
Anthony O’Shea
Charlie Denholm
Beth Bailey
Ricky Bowers
Simon Crouch
Alex Hartnett
Michael Olorunsuyi
Jayni-Leanne Rowe
Michael Allen
Ripley Chandler
Mizona Xavierra
Greig O’Hiaeri
Liam Wild
Verity Page
Michael Osinaike
Alex Dunne
Charlie Nicholls
Troy Mundy
Connor Quincey
Billy Pope
Owen Foran
Mr Norris
Thursday lunchtimes at 1.30pm in Room 11
All years welcome!
We will be looking at myth and legends from
every corner of the globe (e.g. Greece, China,
Egypt, America) and from every time period
(ancient, medieval and modern). A typical session includes video, Internet research and we are
looking at incorporating video games as well.
Our current topic is the Trojan War – myth or
history? Suggestions for future sessions are
welcome – see you there!
Mr Powney and Grant Showell
Arnie Higgs was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer
last August. Since then being a supporter of Arsenal
he has been involved with the Arsenal Football club.
He has become a friend of many of the players and
with the manager Arsene Wenger
Recently prior to one of Arsenal’s matches starting,
Arnie was invited to join Arsene Wenger and Roger
Daltrey (The Who) on the pitch to show how much the
club raised last season for Teenage Cancer Trust.
Fortunately Arnie is responding well to treatment and
is making great progress.
On the 17th October there is a ‘Charity Night’ to raise
money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
At, Prittlewell Chase, Southend at 6pm.
There will be a buffett, D.J, auction, raffle and bouncy
castle. There is no admittance fee but donations are
We raised £110.00 by recycling mobile phones!
This money is to be donated to the P.E. department, to enable them to purchase waterproof
tops for sports teams representing the school.
Thank you!
Our School Chaplian
B.S.F. Update
my name is Adam O’Brien and I’m the new
School Chaplain here at De La Salle. My mission within the school is to allow our students to
develop a deeper understanding of their relationship with Jesus.
Whilst discussions continue at County level to
appoint the preferred architect, we have been
thinking about how we would like our school to
look in the future and some staff and governors have carried out research visits to other
schools / education establishments.
To do this I will encourage the gifts of our young
people by offering welcoming, spirit-filled activities such as retreat experiences, worship and
charity fund-raising.
Another role I fulfil is Parish Youth Co-ordinator
and I will be working to foster stronger links
between the school and the three parishes of
Basildon as well as the B.C.Y.S. (Brentwood
Catholic Youth Service) who provide a wealth of
activities and opportunities for young people to
explore their faith alongside other like minded
young people.
I’m committed to providing
every student here at De
La Salle with the opportunity to develop their faith
through vibrant liturgy,
meaningful prayer and
fun-filled activities.
We have walked around
building sites looking at
works in progress and
also viewed some completed schools. Schools
who have already gone
through the B.S.F. process have given us lots
of advice and have been very proud to show
us their new and improved schools.
With more research visits planned for this term,
we already have lots of ideas of best (and
worst!) practice and are looking forward to
passing our opinions on to the architects when
they are eventually appointed.
Mrs Knight
B.S.F. Project Coordinator
Mr A. O’Brien
Extra Clubs/Activities:
Thursday lunchtimes at 1.30pm in Room 11
All years welcome!
The I.C.T. rooms will be open for coursework and homework on Tuesday and Wednesday
Lunchtimes week A and Tuesday and Thursday week B. Every Friday is Year 11
lunchtime to use the computers for any subject.
Monday lunchtime – Orchestra / Wednesday lunchtime – Choir
Thursday 3.15pm - 4.15pm – G.C.S.E. / Gifted and Talented music group
please see Mrs Liddell if interested.
Form 7N (now 8N) won the
attendance cup for last year.
They were rewarded with a
huge cup filled with chocolates.
Well done to Mrs Claxton and
her form!
De La Salle welcomes a famous Poet
Leo Aylen
Leo will be performing to Year 7, 8 and 9
He will be reciting some of his famous poems
and you will have the chance to ask questions
All takes place on the 9th October 2009. If you have any questions
please see Mr Wright
Leo Aylen has published 8 poetry collections; he has also published in over 100 anthologies and has been
the sole subject of 3 American nationwide TV programs (CBS).
He has been an Arvon, Peterloo, & Bridport prizewinner and broadcasts regularly on BBC R3 & R4. More
than 100 of his poems and translations have been broadcast on radio and television in Britain, Europe,
America, and Africa.
Leo travels nationally and internationally, writing and performing his poetry, and, in particular, commuting
between London and the English West Country. He has co-written Gods and Generals a screenplay for Ted
Turner Pictures about the American Civil War, produced and directed by Ron Maxwell, executive producer
Ted Turner, starring Robert Duvall, Jeff Daniels, Stephen Lang, and Mira Sorvino (Warner Bros 2003).
Bowling is my hobby
I first started bowling in June 07 when I started going to
Madison Height’s Y.B.C. In Maldon. Y.B.C. (Youth Bowling
Last year after I had reached a reasonable standard I was invited to
try out for the Essex County under
14s team. I went to the trials and
made the squad but unfortunately I
didn’t make the final team. This
year I should be in the team and
playing for Essex which I will be
very proud of.
This year I started doing the
B.T.B.A. Tour which is a series of tournaments which means
there is certain etiquette and rules that have to be followed,
these include dress code and behaviour.
My first ever tournament was at Newbury where I had an
exceptional day and managed my personal best score which
was a 258. This game started off with seven strikes in a row!
I was lucky enough to win my division at this tournament and
fourth overall on the day with an average of 201. For winning
my division at this tournament I won a brand new bowling
So far this year I have done six tournaments and come home
with six trophies. It has been a good year for me and hopefully it will continue!
Andrew Clark 8L
The friends of De La Salle invite you to a
Quiz Night
To support the
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Friday 2nd October 2009
At De LA Salle School
Adult ticket: £5.00
Family ticket: £15
(2 adults & 2 children up to the age of 16)
Teams of 6/8
There will be a raffle and donated prizes
will be most welcome
Looking forward
to seeing you there!