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“A New Thing for God”
See I am doing a new thing! ... do you not perceive it? Isaiah 43:18
Steve’s sermon title this Sunday drawn from Isaiah 43 is
A ew Thing for God. By now, you have likely received a letter or
email from Steve. Effective February 18, 2010, he will be resigning
from Bayshore to accept a call to Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.
His new role will be Institute Coordinator and Major Gifts Officer for
BSK and Georgetown College and he’ll also serve as Founding/Lead
Pastor for a new church start near his birthplace in Louisville.
Please join us in praying for Steve and Joy as they prepare for this
new opportunity for service in the kingdom of God.
And pray for us as we expect God to continue to do great
new things at Bayshore in the exciting days ahead!!
Hey Men, Up for a Challenge?
Wednesday, January 27, 6 pm
Bayshore Church Lobby
Come eat a light supper and hear the challenge. Make
2010 a year in which you invest your time in something
different and spiritually life changing.
We will challenge you to become a participant in an ongoing group of four to
six men for fellowship and friendship. Groups will meet on a regular basis at
times and locations each group decides.
Cleaning out and
ridding your
home of clutter?
The Women’s
Ministry is having a used book sale
in just a few weeks. Any unsold
books will be donated (of course)
to a worthy charity. Bring your
books ANYTIME during regular
business hours or on Sunday.
Job Postings
on Bayshore’s
Yes! Watch for an exciting addition
coming soon. We will be posting
job vacancies and job candidates
so that timely information is only a
click away. This job posting
network is open to everyone, so
stay tuned!
6 pm Study: Letters of John & Jude
Led by Bill Scarle, Rm. 120
6 pm Women’s Career Network
6 pm Experiencing God
Led by Gary McCall, Rm. 130
Children and Preschool
Pre-K 4 through 5th grade
6:00-6:30 Pizza & Games ($3)
Rm. 213
6:30-7:15 Music Stars & Mission
POSSIBLE - Rm. 215
No LOFT tonight!
Wednesday night schedule
resumes next week.
Starting February 14, the LOFT will be
shifting from Wednesday nights to
Sunday nights at 6:30!!
Youth Re-gifting Auction and
Men’s Bake-Off!
Sunday, January 24, 6 p.m.
Save those gifts you don’t need
or want, and donate them to the
auction!!! Start asking friends
and businesses now to donate
some great items!
Seniors Young at Heart
Tues., Jan. 19
12:30 pm
Palma Ceia Presbyterian
Upcoming Events
Israel Tour Meeting in Conference Rm., 11 a.m.
Senior’s YAH at Palma Ceia Pres., 12:30 p.m.
Youth Re-gifting Auction and Men’s Bake-Off, 6 p.m.
Men’s 2010 Challenge, 6 p.m.
Super Bowl Bash
Jan. 10 Offerings
Receipts to Budget
Budget Giving to Date
Capital Campaign
2010 YTD for Capital Campaign
Prayer Requests for our Members and Friends
Please pray for Bayshore family members and friends.
Send changes to [email protected] or call 253-3411.
Condolences to:
Barb Tolbert and family in the loss of her husband, Dr. Robert "Tab" Tolbert. Services
were Saturday, Jan 9 at Bayshore. (Kathleen Bugna is coordinating meals.)
Nelle Chattman in the loss of her grandson.
Anges Fuentes in the loss of her mother, Brunilda Lopez-Comanch.
Célia Davies in the loss of her father in Brazil.
Current Prayer Requests
• Quay Snyder - Pray for healing of his shattered clavical/collar bone which occured while
sledding at his grandparents in Pennsylvania. Surgery was 12/24.
• Bill Bingham, Jr., in Virginia, Bill worships at Bayshore each winter. Diagnosed with a
malignant mass in his small intestine. Bill had surgery December 7th, in Fairfax, Virginia, where
he lives most of the year. Cancer had not spread to lymph nodes but he is now having surgery
for an absess.
• Mara Schultz - Young mom of 2 year old in or preschool is starting chemotherapy for cancer.
• Bob Phillips - friend of Marilyn Wertz, being treated for brain tumor (family: Amy and Jack)
• Kathleen Bugna’s daughter, Becki, will have a biopsy on January 19th.
• George H. Johnston, Judy Richman's cousin in NM, awaiting 2nd kidney transplant next
summer. Just experienced 3rd coronary. He has asked for prayer that he might see his daughter
Jere graduate this spring, give her away at her wedding and hold his first grandbaby.
• Adam Janusz - 32 year old friend of Karen Leary. had heart transplant in Arizona.
• Kalen Watson - new cancer treatment begun; her father asks for your prayers.
• Joe Midkiff - Carolyn Strange's 85-year old brother, is having carotid surgery in San Antonio.
Please pray for all involved with his surgery and for a healthy recovery. postponed until 1/27 .
• Terry Edwards, husband of preschool teacher, Martha Edwards, aggressive colon cancer.
• Emma Lee, two-year old daughter of Angela Lee, friend of Jerry Ford, Atherton Baptist Homes,
in California; inoperable hole in heart; not a candidate for surgery at this time
• Darcie Maldanado, friend of Melissa Scarle
• Delaney Ohagan, 14 year old, awaiting bone marrow transplant-leukemia, Hopes family friend.
• Randy Nantz - rehab
• L P Murphy - kidney dialysis Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.
• Brody Butler, 2 1/2 year old with throat cancer; surgery to be scheduled.
• Myrtle Christine King - mother of Windy Ciccarello.
• George Dwyre - 89 years old, in hospital and having a tough time, friend of John McCroskie.
• Rose Shrenk - 53 years old, lung cancer, please pray for proper treatment, friend of John
• Phyllis Newman’s mother, Katie Queen (89), needs prayer for healing for a leg infection in a
North Carolina hospital.
• Caren Hayward’s granddaughter, Brenna (4), broke her arm and stayed overnight in All
Children’s St. Pete Hospital.
Convalescent Care Facilities
• Jack Farmer, Bon Secours Maria Manor
• Gordon Salyers, Arden Court
• Susie Blankenship
• Kathleen Crockett
• Charlotte Hayes
Steve, Gary, Karl, Dina, Ryan, Tammy,
Anna, Tracy, Natalie, Parker
Sunday School Teachers
Watchman on the Wall Ministry
Our Military Families
Building Renovation Team
Ministry Team Council
Harry Hickinbotham
Benny Pinckney
Al Tillis
Super Bowl Bash
Youth: $5/Adults $10
Food, fun and five big
flat screen TV’s to
enjoy the Super Bowl and commercials
together! Raises money for BBC Youth
Minister of the Week
January 10-16
Gary McCall
Office: 813-253-3411
Cell: 813-486-0033
Bayshore Partners In the Field
KA serving in Southeast Asia
Lynn David at mission headquarters in
New York
Dr. Ray Pritz & family with the Bible
Society in Israel
Dr. Ron Pritz - Director, Mission
Aviation Fellowship.
Address: Ron and Mikel Ann Pritz,
MAF Operation Centre Henwood,
Ashford Kent TN 248DH UK
Theodor Raychynets and family
serving in Bosnia
Dustin Tower, Mary Thorn's grandson International Baptist Church, Seoul,
S. Korea
Carol & Tom Holmes
The Foundry
Super Bowl Party will be
at the Ussery’s home!
Jeff Bailey,
Jeffrey Bugna,
Jeremy Cress,
Chad Cribb,
Culpepper, Robert Curris, Thomas Daly,
Jr., Jason Dardano, Robert Dozier, Kaci
Duhart, Jasenn Ffradelis, Kevin
Franklin, Kate Gray, Bob Grimste, John
Hadden, Gregory Hirsch, Marcus
Hopkins, Andrew Hudson, Phillip A.
Hulme, Harvey Johnson, TJ.Jankowski,
Jr., Clay Keel, John Kerkhoff, Brady
Kiel, Dillon King, Hogan Lee, Joshua
Longanecker, Wendy Manning, John
McCais, Mike McDermott, Kristifer
Minnier, Jack Molina, Murphy Morgan,
Randy Nantz, Josh Newman, Brandee
Paisano, Dave Pearson, Teresa
Roberts, Stephen Rumbley, Will Scarle,
Kirsten Segal, Jeremy Scarborough,
Jeffrey Schaffer, Charles Schenter, Rob
Smith, Gary Tregaskis, David
~ If we have missed anyone, please let
the church office know. ~