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December 2012
Volume 1, Issue 9
Your Library News
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Main Street Bookies Selection.2
Funny Bookmarks ...................3
Technology Resources & Tips..4
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Popular Book Releases
Threat Vector– Tom Clancy (Dec 4)
Two Graves– Preston & Child (Dec 11)
Private Berlin– James Patterson (Jan 7)
The Husband List– Janet Evanovich (Jan 8)
Kinsey and Me– Sue Grafton (Jan 8)
The Blood Gospel– James Rollins (Jan 8)
1356– Bernard Cornwell (Jan 8)
Collateral Damage– Stuart Woods (Jan 8)
Popular DVD Releases
The Dark Knight Rises (Dec 4)
Ted (Dec 11)
The Bourne Legacy (Dec 11)
Ice Age: Continental Drift (Dec 11)
Pitch Perfect (Dec 18)
10 Years (Dec 18)
Trouble with the Curve (Dec 18)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (Dec 18)
Total Recall (Dec 18)
Resident Evil: Retribution (Dec 21)
Arbitrage (Dec 21)
“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
-Desmond Tutu
We are reading for:
Dec 21st
@ 10:00
Our first foray into Inspirational Fiction with a lighthearted, holiday story of the
We are all familiar with the most famous of detectives, Sherlock Holmes, but if
you haven’t checked out some of these others, make sure to do so!
(Detective/character followed by author)
Lord Peter Wimsey—Dorothy Sayers
Hercule Poirot—Agatha Christie
Nero Wolfe—Rex Stout
Ellery Queen—Daniel Nathan & Manford
Sam Spade—Dashiell Hammett
Henry Gamadge—Elizabeth Daly
Albert Campion—Margery Allingham
Philip Marlowe—Raymond Chandler
Miss Marple—Agatha Christie
Alex Cross—James Patterson
Father Brown—G.K. Chesterton
Kay Scarpetta—Patricia Cornwell
Kinsey Millhone—Sue Grafton
Perry Mason—Erle Stanley Gardner
Harry Bosch—Michael Connelly
What have you used as a bookmark?
A recent e-mail sent to Kansas libraries asked “What is the strangest thing you’ve found used as a
bookmark?” We got a laugh at the responses and thought you might, too…
Raw bacon!
A slice of cooked bacon.
I once found a Father's Day card made by a
small child. It was very sweet. :)
A used Q-tip.
Dried “chicken noodle soup” noodles stuck between the pages. (Hope they had grilled cheese
with it.)
I never found anything weird used as a bookmark, but I did once find something dried,
sticky, and red, possibly cough syrup. I used
to work in a pharmacy library and in our
archives, we had a lot of historical books on
pharmacy that used to belong to pharmacists. Whoever did the earlier processing of
the collection did not look thoroughly at each
volume and clean dust and debris off of
them. The dried, sticky stuff attracted mice at
some point (not while in our collection,
though), so there were bite marks on the
Divorce papers.
I bought a book at a used book sale--a lovely
poetry book with an inscription "Best wishes for
1894" inside. Between two pages I found a beautifully pressed and preserved four-leaf clover. I
felt pretty lucky!
A colonoscopy picture.
A fake moustache.
A live bat. I didn't notice until I'd picked up the
book it had nestled into and then we both were
screaming. However, after calling in reinforcements with leather gloves it was safely released
Slice of bologna.
Dental floss.
A month's cycle of birth control pills.
A flattened dried-out frog! I think it actually
got thrown in alive into the (outside) bookdrop
over a LONG, HOT summer weekend. It got
crushed between the books and after several
more books dropped onto the pile, ended up
inside one! GROSS!!!!
A Canadian dollar bill.
A long fake fingernail.
A dead baby snake.
A matchbook with all the matches still
attached and all had been lit. I think when they
were put inside the library book the matches got
snuffed out. Thankfully!
Technology Resources & Tips
You’re invited to
“Book a Librarian!”
Who: Everyone
What: One-on-one
session with either Jaclyn
or Adrienne for help with
computers, tablets,
e-books and e-readers,
reader’s advisory, local
history and genealogy,
resumes, creating a website or blog, small
business tax forms, or
personal budgets (no
investment advice will be
When: Every Tuesday
morning from 10-11 a.m.
or 11-noon. Please book
in advance to confirm
your time slot and our
availability. We will take
“walk-in appointments”
on a limited basis if we
have an opening.
Please come prepared
with your questions.
If you would like help
with something that is
not listed, please ask and
we’ll see what we can do
to help you.
1. Facebook Privacy Notice
Claim: Posting a notice on your Facebook wall will protect your copyright
and privacy rights.
Fact: To set your privacy and account
settings, click on the arrow next to
“Home” then choose appropriately.
2. Postcard Virus
Claim: You’ve received a [virtual greeting/postcard/e-card/etc.] from a
[family member/classmate/neighbor]!
Fact: There are legitimate Web sites
that offer a service that allows a user to
send a customized “virtual postcard,”
which makes this an effective method of
camouflaging viruses. Make it a habit to
never click on links sent in e-mails. Instead go directly to the Web site of the
company, find the card pickup page,
and enter the ID code included in the email. The worst that could happen is
you won’t get a card.
3. ATM PIN Reversal (PINned Hopes)
Claim: Entering your PIN in reverse at
any ATM will summon the police.
Fact: Several states have tried to implement such a panic code but have failed.
As Chuck Stones of the Kansas Bankers
Association said in 2004, “I’m not sure
anyone here could remember their PIN
backward with a gun to their head.”
4. Mobile Mania
Claim: Even when your cell phone signal is blocked, dialing 112 will connect
you with an emergency call center.
Fact: Calling 112 is “special” in the sense
that it will use any tower your mobile
phone can contact to complete the
emergency call, regardless of whether or
not your phone is authorized to relay
signals through that tower. However,
the 112 number has no special powers
that enable you to use it in areas where
all cellular signals are blocked or otherwise unavailable.
5. Remote Possibility
Claim: Any car equipped with a remote
keyless entry system can be unlocked
via cell phone.
Fact: Relaying remote entry system signals via telephone might work if the
signals were sound-based, but they’re
not. It transmits an encrypted data
stream to a receiver inside the car via a
radio frequency signal that can’t be effectively relayed via cell phone. Cells
phones also typically operate on completely different frequencies than radio.
6. Hidden Battery Power
Claim: To activate hidden battery power
press *3370# and your cell phone will
restart with a 50% increase in battery.
Fact: This is a misunderstanding of an
option with some phone brands (such
as Nokia) for Half Rate Codec, which
provides about 30% more talk time on a
battery charge at the expense of lower
sound quality. However, this option is
enabled by pressing the sequence
*#4720#. The sequence *3370# actually
enables Enhanced Full Rate Codec,
which provides better sound quality at
the expense of shorter battery life.
7. Windows Live Update Virus
Claim: Clicking an attached file called
“Windows Live Update” will release a
virus that will burn the whole hard
drive. If you send this information to all
of your contacts, you will protect us all.
Fact: This bogus warning has also been
distributed under names such as
“Invitation,” “Olympic Torch,” “A Card
for You,” and “Black in the White
House.” No such incurable computer
virus exists, and spamming all your
friends just fuels the fire.
**Info taken from**
We’ve received quite a few donations of books, DVDs, videogames, and music CDs in the past month. Keep them coming!!
We are poised to have another great sale this coming
You don’t have to wait for our annual sale:
Join the Friends for only
$10 a year!
Have you checked out our book case in the front of
the library where you can buy books anytime the
library is open? Prices are very low!
“There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between
people who love the same books.” - Irving Stone
Book Awards
National Book Award
-Awarded annually in November by the
American Booksellers Association
-Established in 1936
-Presented to authors for books published in the U.S. roughly during the
award year.
-Goal: “to celebrate the best of American
literature, to expand its audience, and to
enhance the cultural value of good writing in America.”
-Four award categories: Fiction, NonFiction, Poetry, Young People’s Literature
-Two lifetime achievement awards given
each year, too.
John Newbery Medal
-Literary award given by a division of the
American Library Association
-Given to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.
-Established in 1921 and named after an
18th century English publisher of juvenile books.
-Winner announced in January annual-
-Also started Newbery Honors in 1971.
Caldecott Medal
-Annually recognizes the most distinguished picture book for children, published in the U.S.
-Established in 1937 and named after
Randolph Caldecott, a 19th century English illustrator.
-It is awarded to the illustrator by a division of the American Library Association.
Pulitzer Prize
-U.S. award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature,
and musical composition.
-Established in 1917.
-Administered by Columbia University.
-Awarded yearly in 21 categories.
William Allen White Children’s
Book Award
-Annual book award chosen by Kansas
students. Two winners each year, grades
3-5 and grades 6-8.
-Established in 1952 and administered
by Emporia State University.
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WiFi available 24 hours!
Just pull up in the front of
the library!
The Library has been working on updating and completing the
cemetery records of the Rossville Cemetery on
We’ve added 1,096 new memorials/burials and 2,009 headstone
photos to
We receive requests from people all over the country for genealogical information who have seen us on, our library website, or our history website!
We also have created an index of over 4,300 obituaries and have
these on file at the library!
If you have a genealogical request, we will help you the best we can.
(*If you are stopping in, advance notice is appreciated so we can make
sure we have adequate staff on hand to help serve you.)
See more historical photos on our
history website:
This Month’s Featured Historical Photo
407 Main Street
PO BOX 618
Rossville, Kansas 66533
Phone: 785-584-6454
Fax: 785-584-6454
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Welcome to Rossville sign, Rossville, KS
(Date of photo: unknown)
Does anyone know more about this sign? Its location, when it
was taken down...