Digital Post - how to create your digital post mailbox

Digital Post - how to create your
digital post mailbox
Go to
•You need a NemID card to register.
•If you don’t have a NemID card, order it at
1. Click on the letter ikon ’Digital Post’
You need your NemID code card to log on.
2. Log on using NemID. Learn more about NemID here:
1. Click on the green box ’Få en postkasse’ (means ’create your mailbox’)
Remember: your digital mailbox is like your regular mailbox. IT must be emptied.
The mail might contain a deadline that needs to be met!
1. Tick the box to accept the conditions
2. Click ‘Næste’ (‘next’)
Here you must fill in your name
Write your e-mail address for your confirmation and future service notices.
You might have another e-mail address? Not mandatory!
Click ’næste’ (’next’)
1. You may write your mobile number if you wish to receive a sms service notice
from your digital mail box. A confimation code will be sent to your mobile.
2. You can choose 3 types of service notices – delivered by sms, by e-mail or as a
copy in your digital mailbox.
3. Click ’næste’ (’next’)
Do you already have E-boks?
1. Click in the top box to if you wish to get all mail from your E-boks in your digital
mail box. That way your mail from the public sector and private companies is
gathered in one place.
2. Click ‘Godkend’ (‘approve’)
This is your confirmation receipt!
1. Click ’Gå til oversigten’ to enter your newly created digital mailbox.