How can the desktop background and screen saver be changed in Hp Laptop?

How can the desktop background and screen saver be changed in Hp
It provides the unique features to modify the display settings according to user’s choice. You can
change the size of text, apps, and icons on your desktop. Moreover, you can add icons,
customize tiles in the start menu and change your desktop and screensaver. Hp Support Canada
will help you to change your desktop image or screen saver through this blog. Set the image
from the properties window where some pictures are pre-installed or use the pictures that you
have stored on your PC. Follow the below-mentioned processes carefully:
 Use these following steps to Change Desktop:
 Turn on your Hp laptop and search for ‘Personalization’.
 Select personalization from the list of results.
 To open the window of settings click on Desktop Background.
 Select one of the standard backgrounds to set the desktop image of your choice
or select browse and look for the stored images on your laptop. If you want to
use the personal picture as background save the image in a file format with
.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .DIB, or .png.
Choose more than one image to create a Desktop background slideshow.
 Now go the option picture position to set the appearance of the image, select
from the drop-down list to change the way of appearance on the screen. If you
are creating a slideshow, select how the picture should change.
 In order save the made changes click OK and exit from Display Properties
 Follow the below-mentioned instructions to Change the screensaver:
 On your Hp laptop type ‘Change Screensaver’ in the search field and open by
giving a click on it.
 From the drop-down menu of the screen saver, select the one you like.
 To open the settings window for the selected screensaver click on Settings.
 To view how the selected screen saver will appear on your Hp laptop’s screen
give a click on Preview.
 In the wait field, choose the number of minutes.
 Hit the OK button to save the settings and exit from the opened window.
If you face any difficulty in following the above steps or could not understand the process,
consult the expert team for clearing your doubts. Contact Hp Technical Support Canada at 1855-264-9333 and talk to our technicians to resolve your any technical issue. Our team will
provide you satisfactory solutions with ease and comfort. Just make a call and get instant help
from our agents.