Premium Swiss Watches in India

Swiss watchmakers have created a niche for themselves
across the world. They are considered the finest
watchmakers. Swiss made luxury watches like Rolex, Patek
Phillipe and Omega are considered an investment, whose
value would appreciate over time. An old Rolex or a Patek
have even fetched more than a million dollars in auction. Let's
check out some popular Swiss watches in India.
Victorinox is the official knife
manufacturer & supplier for the Swiss
Army. They entered the watchmaking
industry in 1989. Just like other Swiss
watches, Victorinox ensures that it
delivers on elegance, quality, and
They are family owned and one of the few independent Swiss watch companies
left in the market. Their watches undergo an extensive check before reaching
the retailers. The watches are Start at Rs. 20000 and range till Rs. 80000 on most
online stores.
Longines is a luxury watch
company which was founded
back in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz
and operates in Saint-Imier,
Switzerland. The Longines brand
is owned by the Swatch group &
has been endorsed by popular
celebrities like Kate Winslet
internationally and Aishwarya Rai
Bachchan in India. In India, you
can find them at a starting price
of around Rs. 55000 online.
The Longines winged hourglass logo is the oldest registered trademark by any
watchmaker. The logo was registered in 1889, more than 100 years ago.
Tissot was founded in 1853 in the city of Le Locle, Switzerland is currently
owned by The Swatch Group. Tissot is the official timekeeper of a multitude of
sports like MotoGP, Cycling, the NBA & much more. Their pocket watches and
sports timepieces are widely popular. In India you can find a Tissot watch for
as low as Rs. 10000 to an upwards to Rs. 100000 online.
Tissot has a product for both
premium and luxury watch
enthusiasts. The current Indian
ambassador for Tissot is
Bollywood actress Deepika
Padukone, which has given the
Tissot brand a major boost.
The Swiss company was founded in 1917 and it also falls under the Swatch
Group umbrella. Rado is known to incorporate unique watchmaking methods
such as the use of hard metals, crystals which are unique to watchmaking.
Their timepieces are said to serve you for life. Rado has chosen Bollywood
star Hrithik Roshan as an ambassador for their brand in India.
Rado watches in India range
from Rs. 30000 to an upwards
of Rs. 250000 online and in
your nearby stores.
Founded in 1860, Tag Heuer has
been associated with race car
drivers, sports celebrities and is
the choice of many for exquisite
and elegant timepiece lovers.
They have endorsed popular
celebrities like Christiano
Ronaldo, Chris Hemsworth, and
even India's own Ranbir Kapoor.
TAG Heuer watches have always been connected to the world of motor racing
and the art of music and celebrating lifestyle. Tag Heuer watches start from Rs.
50000 to an upwards of Rs. 500000, with different models aimed at sports &
lifestyle requirements of its customers. The brand is owned by the Louis Vuitton
fashion house.