How to remove dirt from the Dell Ink absorber?

How to remove dirt from the Dell Ink
Dell Printers are indeed one of the best printing peripherals in the market. To that end, they are reliable,
provide crisp printout and most importantly, use ink in a judicious manner. But there is one other factor
that is rarely noticed but is equally important; it is the Dell ink absorber. This absorber is part of the self
cleaning utility that these devices usually have. They brush off the dust particles on the printer heads,
and some residual ink that most often just wastes away. With repeated usage, this component gets
clogged. This causes the absorber to be utterly useless. In order to get this unit back in shape, we need
to rinse this component. A proper cleaning will remove the foamy grime and you can get back to printing
amazing images in no time.
Dell support Australia brings you the way to remove dirt from an ink absorber
Before you begin with the cleaning process, you will need a paper vowel dipped in a miniscule amount
of water, and a bowl filled with warm water. The entire cleaning process will take you from dealing with
the internal structure of the printer. To that end, if you are apprehensive about doing this, you must get
the assistance of any expert. If you are totally fine with it, you can follow the following steps:
1. Get to the internal compartment of the printer. To do that, list the plastic lid present in the
middle of the device and lift it upwards. Once you do that, the ink cartridge will slide in
replacement position in about 5 seconds.
2. At the far right of the printer, you will see a rubber frame. This square frame component entails
the ink absorber. Detach it from the device by gently sliding it towards you. Once you have
removed the absorber, you can lift it out of the device. Turn down the power and remove the
power cable.
3. You will now have two foam based ink absorbers. Pull them out of the rubber frames and place
them inside a bowl filled to brim with warm water. Apply a gentle scrubbing to them using a soft
4. Dry these two off along with the rubber frame. Set these two on a paper towel and wait for the
drying up to be completed. Once the moisture is gone, you can set the components back into
the frames.
5. =take these frames and position them on the right side of the printer. Push them gently until it
sets in with a lock. Close the plastic lid.
6. Now, you have got to reset the code of the ink absorber. To do that, plug in the chords and hold
down the power button. Release this button after waiting for 5 seconds and tap the button
Now all cleaned and reset, you can go back to printing merrily.
If you have any query related to the absorber or any other components, you can contact our experts via
the toll-free Dell Technical Support Australia @ +61-283206005. Our support team will assist you in any
way necessary, whether it a matter of maintenance or dealing with any other issue pertaining to the
printing device.