Dell color laser printer C1760w; A device that just felt a bit short

Dell color laser printer C1760w; A device
that just felt a bit short
Dell printers are a fairly new addition to a veritable smorgasbord to products that the branch provides.
To that end, they have launched renditions of this peripheral device for every economical sphere. For the
professionals, it has recently launched the Laser C1760w; a high-end printing device that both looks
good on the outside, and provides an almost high end print quality when delved into inside.
Dell printer Support Netherland presents you with a semi comprehensive
review of the printing device
The printer exudes quality and power. But like many of our other reviews, we would judge it on its each
and every factor. To that end, it is necessitated to put this peripheral under the scrutiny of our Support
technician’s microscope. But before we go into the in depth analysis, we should briefly describe its
Paper capacity of 150 sheets.
Compatible with the dell mobile print.
Can print both sides.
Offers Wi-Fi connectivity and Ethernet connectivity
Now that we are done with the squint eyed review; let us broaden our spectrum take a look at its more
blatant attributes
1. The Speed of print: As the printer is exclusive quality, it prints with a decent speed of 4.8 pages
per minute. The monochrome pages print in around 15 pages per minute, while the color pages
print with the speed of 12 pages per minute. This parameter is associated when you take textual
documents into account. For more image intensive prints, you would get around 4.2 pages per
2. The quality of print: the print quality is decent enough, albeit a bit subpar when compared to
other devices of same price range. The colors were ok, the photo quality was average but the
back ground fades are apparent. While our customer support technicians printed a photo of
Monalisa, The frontal color turned out to be bold and crisp, but the minuscule details were a bit
3. Running cost: Printing with this variant would cost you a bit higher than the previous C1660w/
the additional cost is mostly because of the faster print engine, Ethernet availability and an
inclusive 10-sheet bypass tray.
To summarize,
1. The pros of this device entail the availability of Ethernet, wireless connection and USB
2. While the cons consist of a blatant lack of an Auto-duplexer (you would have to manually reset
it), and no external port for a pen drive.
With these features, we cannot fully with the of best intentions advice the usage of these printers in
large corporations. While the paper capacity makes it suitable for heavy duty printing, the time frame for
image intensive prints are just not enough. On the other hand, it can easily finds usefulness in small
scale offices because of its small size and design.
For more information pertaining to this device, contact Dell Printer Helpline Number at +61283206005. Here, not only would you be availed to our best support services, but we would also
provide you with the best deals for printers of this brand.