Install and Configure a Dell Printer Driver on Mac OS X

Install and Configure a Dell Printer Driver on Mac OS X
Dell products are widely used across the globe and have made the best reputation among its
users because of its unique features and services. One of the widely used products is its
printers. Dell Printers are common and its sale is increasing day-by-day. To set up its driver on
Mac is very easy but a proper guidance is required. Dell Support Australia is the service to help
you out in any situation regarding Dell products. Below provided solutions is given by welltrained technicians of the team, so follow the steps carefully to reach your goal:
 Use these steps to Download and Install Dell Printer Driver
 Browse the official website of Dell and download the driver from there.
 Follow the instructions displayed on Installer Wizard and wait till the driver
installation finishes.
 Add a Network Printer Using IP Address/Hostname
 In the upper left corner of your screen click the Apple icon.
 Choose the System Preferences from the list.
 Select Print and Scan under the section of Hardware.
 Below the Printer Pane click the + (plus) icon to open the Add Printer application.
 Click on the IP tab on the top of the toolbar of the appeared add printer window.
 Set details in given fields:
o Address: enter the device’s IP address or hostname.
o Protocol: select Line Printer Daemon.
o Queue: Leave this field blank for default.
o Name: It will be entered by default; you can change it to a friendly name
according to your choice.
o Location: this is to identify the physical location of the device; it can also
be left blank.
o Use: In this field click on the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate
driver from the list.
 After setting the above options click on Add.
 Learn to select Printing Options:
 Select the option of File from the top menu bar within the pp.
 Click on Print or tap the Command + p on your keyboard.
 Choose the correct print queue.
 Hit the Show Details button.
 All options of your machine will appear to choose.
 Hit the Print button at the end.
So, you have successfully completed the process by now, if any issue persists while going
through the steps, Contact Dell Printer Support Australia at +61-283206005. Talk to our
technicians and resolve your queries with the easy and quick solutions. You are guided remotely
using the latest technology with ease and comfort. So make a call and get instant help.