How to Clear the Memory of a Dell Printer?

How to Clear the Memory of a Dell Printer?
Almost every Dell’s printer models contain internal memory which retain data about what has currently been printed or being printed. When you
sent a wrong command or page to be printed there is an error light flashes on your machine about the current job.
That light can stop printing suddenly for several reasons such as print job stuck in memory. Most stuck jobs occur in your Dell printer’s memory
can be fixed with a simple command in OS. If this step doesn’t help, then you can erase the data by performing a cold reset, which clears the
memory. If this seems reasonable, then you’ve at right place. Here, Dell Support Australia will cover every aspect you need to clear the
memory of your printer.
Reset the Printer
After clearing the print job, your printer still doesn’t respond then you might also need to reset it to clear its current tasks. To this end, turn off
your printer and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. Leave it as it is at least for 2 minutes. Before reconnection the power, make
sure the memory has been vanished completely. Then, plug the power cord into the outlet. After plugging the machine in, turn it on and wait until
the printer finishes its booting sequence.
Clear Printer Setting From Memory
Some Dell printers save setup information that lasts for a long time. Even, if you unplug it. Generally, this information includes your network
settings and paper settings. To clear this memory called a cold reset that revert your device’s settings back to the manufacturer defaults. This
surely can solve the problems. To this end, locate the Go button from the dashboard and hold it at least for 20 seconds, and then reboot your
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