How To Reset The Toner Chip Of The Lexmark Printer?

How To Reset The Toner Chip Of The
Lexmark Printer?
While the Lexmark Printers themselves are quite cheap and their printout quality is quite magnificent, it
tends to reveal its inclination towards cost-efficiency when the ink cartridges dry out. To put it simply,
the cartridges are darn expensive. To that end, one has to be stealthy and apply a refill to it rather than,
buying a fresh new one. But, the printer has a counter measure. To prevent refill, it notes down the toner
level of the component and once the ink is gone, it registers the toner ID and marks it as empty.
Therefore, as a precursor to using the refilled cartridge, you need to reset the toner chip of the Lexmark
Lexmark Technical Support Australia presents to you the simple steps that will
allow you to refill
It is shame that the titular printer components tend to be so expensive, because the refill might be
applicable, but it might not have the same aesthetics as the original ink. That aside, we are trying to save
money here. Therefore, compromises have to be made. Also, the initial point is just a thought, not an
actual occurrence. Therefore, you do not need to worry about being caught. That being said, follow the
following steps if you seek to reset the toner, refill ink and save money.
1. First, turn of the printing device.
2. Now, hold down the “ready” and the “return” buttons at the same time. While you are doing
this, power the printer back up. You will now see an indicator that says “performing self test”.
This will enter you into the diagnostic mode.
3. Among the options, select the one that says “maintenance count”.
4. Among the options, select the “reset” button. This will reestablish the chip’s toner level back to
5. Now, click on the “return” key. This will send the system back to the diagnostic mode.
6. Now that the reset is complete, restart the system in a normal fashion.
If the toner has not reached the reset option still, you situation is a bit direr. In such cases, it will suit you
if you contact our Lexmark Printer Helpline Number (+61-283206037) for optimal solutions. Our steps
will not only give you tips to reset your device, but they will also avail you troubleshoots pertaining to
the other printer issues.