My AVG antivirus crashed my computer; what do I do?

My AVG antivirus crashed my computer;
what do I do?
AVG is one of the oldest antivirus applications known on the planet. This particular family of cyber
protection tools comes with its range of functionalities and glitches. The functionalities are indeed
robust and awesome, while the glitches are the root cause to so many issues. One of these issues causes
the computer to go into a handicap. That is, the glitch causes a crash. While the operating system can
restart after that, the intermittent nature of these crashes can create more problems down the road.
In case of such crashes, AVG support presents you the troubleshoots to fix this
The reason behind any system crash is always malfunctioning software; it’s the same case here. AVG
antivirus application is indeed a bit peculiar. It is for this very reasons, this tools requires constant
updates on a regular basis. But still, you might observe a crashed system once or twice a year. To that
end, troubleshoot is in order. The way to fix this malfunction depends upon the type of operating
If you want to recover from Windows OS crash
1. Acquire an AVG recue CD or a flash drive.
2. To acquire the same, you have to create one using a functioning hardware.
3. In that system, Open the AVG interface and navigate to utilities > file manager and create a
rescue disk.
4. Once you have made the disk, insert it in the affected system.
5. Put in the disk, and then navigate to the affected drive.
6. Within that drive, navigate to the AVG folder.
7. Rename the said folder > Take out the disk > restart the system.
8. Once you have restarted the system, re install the antivirus application.
9. Also, update the virus definitions to protect the operating system for future reference.
If our Mac has suffered a crash
While the crashes are fairly common in the windows PC, the same is not the case with Apple Mac
Computer. The reasoning behind the crashes is most often the automatic OSX updates. As the device is
almost always connected to the internet, Apple is quick to pick up on that and upgrades the system
promptly. To that end, the user doesn’t have to do much of anything, except having a constant internet
AVG is indeed a robust antivirus application, but its issues sometimes far outweigh its benefits. It is for
this very reason its free version is a lot more prominent than the paid one. If you happen to be the victim
of the same issue and the Rescue disk has not been helpful, you can contact AVG Support Number
Canada at their toll free contact number 1-855-253-4222. The technicians there would be happy to
oblige to troubleshoot any of your software related issues. Furthermore, you might want to look into
alternatives if this antivirus application continues with its proclivities of giving you trouble, because if not
taken care for from the start, your computer might suffer massive malfunctions.