What to Do If Your Dell Printer Prints Blank Pages or Random Characters?

What to Do If Your Dell Printer Prints
Blank Pages or Random Characters?
An electronic device that takes the electronic data saved on a computer and
generates a hard copy of it, is a printer. In some outcomes, a Dell printer may
generate a series of blank pages or pages coming out with random characters
printed in the beginning or when the document is being sent.
In some instances, a Printer may output a series of blank pages or pages with
random characters printed, either on start-up or when a document is sent. This is
caused mainly due to the barriers between the printer and the computer.
You need to follow the steps if you come across these issues:1. At first, cancel all ongoing files lined up in the print queue which are
running on the Printer Operating Panel and then turn off the printer.
2. Remove the connection between the computer and printer established
through USB or other network connections.
3. Print an Internal Report after turning the printer back on.
4. If while printing the internal report no issue is configured, keep
troubleshooting the issue.
5. If the print from the Dell printer comes out being blank or with any other
print issue, check the operation panel for errors.
6. Reinstall the Printer Driver to ensure the software is not corrupted only if the
internal test page has printed without any errors.
7. Remove the printer from your PC.
8. Follow on to the instructions to install the Dell Laser Printer through the
CD/DVD by inserting it into your computer.
9. Check that the Windows Test Page can be printed only after when the printer
is installed.
10.If the Windows Test page prints then the Printer is working as designed.
If the Blank Pages on Start-Up or Random characters when printing issue recurs,
please refer Dell Printer Support Australia for further advice.
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