How to Take a Screenshot on an Acer Laptop?

How to Take a Screenshot on an Acer
The Screenshot is a program that allows you to take a digital image of what is
visible on the entire computer screen. There might be many occasion in a day
while working on your system when you need to take a screenshot. It allows you
to show important messages and news keeping as evidence, funny messages and
conversation, exciting moments in a game and much more to your friends and
family members. Acer (one of the most well-known and widely used computer
brands across the world) offers tools to its user to make an image of the entire
screen. Basically, Screenshot is comparatively easy on Acer tablets than the
laptop. So you need to follow certain steps on your Acer Laptop.
So here Acer Support Australia provides you with
comprehensive steps by which you can readily accomplish this
task. Just go ahead and follow these steps;
 Open your window that you want to take a screenshot.
 Move your cursor off the screen. Hold the “Alt” key and tap to the “print
screen”, which should be on the top right of the keyboard.
 Click on the “start” button on the left below o the screen, go to the “ All
Program” then “Accessories” and then click on the “paint” button.
 Now take your mouse cursor over the “paste” button and click on it.
 You can see the screenshot on the system screen.
 Now you can save it by clicking the blue “paint” icon and click on “save as”
 Select the location and Save the file wherever you want.
Apart from this procedure, “the Snipping Tool” an accessory comes with Window
Vista and 7, is also the way to take a screenshot and save the files in PNG, GIF,
JPEG, and HTML format. It also provides “built-in editor” to create an annotation
and delete unwanted areas of the image.
 Launch “Snipping tools, click “start”, “All program” and then “Accessories”.
 Click on the “full-screen sniping” button to take the screenshot of entire
screen or click on the “window snip” to make a screenshot of the currently
active window.
 You can save it by clicking on “File Menu” and then “Save” button.
These steps are seemingly easy. But it might be complicated in case of some other
issue you face with this application. Therefore in case of any glitch, it is always
better to get in touch with the experts. So feel free to contact our experts via tollfree Acer Support Australia 1-800-875-256. They will not only help you in this
case but also provide you with a well-described solution in some other similar
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