How to Use a CD in Order to Recover Acer Laptop?

How to Use a CD in Order to Recover Acer
Acer laptops, it is very simple and has clear operations, this you might have heard
many times. But once you get confused it can be a frustrating idea. Its functions
are a little bit different from other computers. Don’t get panic you can get the idea
from the guidebook or the online site of Acer. Although its services and helplines
are always there for you, It’s not that much complicated that will not get without a
tutorial. Things can be sorted with a little effort. Here, you will see how you can
recover your system by its CD, which you get along with it.
Here the experts’ of Acer Support elaborate the points for the same:
1. To recover the system you need to launch the CMOS by “Ctrl+ALT+Esc” once
you turn on your System.
2. Now choose to “Advanced BIOS Feature” in the CMOS feature then verify
“Boot”. Here you will find a sequence on your screen follow the order of it
will be like; CD-ROM>Floppy Disk>Hard Disk.
3. Put the CD into the disc drive then to get exit from CMOS setup by pressing
“F10” then follow the screen instructions to proceed the process. It will be
displayed one or other questions, answer them accordingly.
4. Choose the “HDD Full Rebuild” for the recovery process. Once you put the
CD into the system most probably it will start the process automatically.
Sometimes you need to give instructions as per the message you will see on
the screen.
5. When all steps have been done then removes the CD carefully. You will see
the message on your screen to make the CD out of the system.
6. Now “Restart” your system.
These are very simple steps need to follow and you will successfully get recovered.
If any user has any issue in it can drop a call to experts’ of Acer support on the
given toll-free no 1-800-875-256 your problem will be solved shortly.
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