How to Run a Hardware Diagnostics Quick Test on a HP Laptop?

How to run a hardware diagnostics Quick Test
on a Hp Laptop?
This blog is for HP users who are facing issues like laptop freezes or
locks up, the Windows does not start or who want to test equipment.
HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (UEFI) tool helps such users by running a
quick test that will check if the main components are functioning
properly or not. HP Support would like to inform you that this test
checks the processor, system board, hard drive, memory & battery.
Run the Quick test on your laptop
Shut down your laptop by pressing and holding the start button
for at least five seconds.
Turn on your HP laptop and rap the F2 key immediately about
once every second until the screen of HP PC Hardware
Diagnostics (UEFI) appears.
Select the System Tests and then click on Quick Test.
Now hit the Run Once button and then wait for the test results.
o If no components failed, run an Extensive Test or run
component tests on the memory and also on the hard drive.
o If any components failed, provide any information & failure
code that appears in the results or in the Tests logs on the
main menu.
Update drivers & software with Windows Update
To install the latest software & hardware drivers from Microsoft for your
PC, use Windows Update.
On Windows 10 search for “Update” and select Windows Update
in the search results.
Select one of the following, on the Windows Update window:
o Click Install Now, if updates are available to download.
o Hit the Check for updates button, if no updates are currently
listed and then click Install Now when Windows detects
available updates.
For any further details and queries regarding this blog, you can get help
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all the relevant and necessary information to fix your issues within a
short span of time. Our team will provide the best possible solutions
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