How Can I Use The HP Laptop Webcam

How Can I Use The HP
Laptop Webcam?
I am going to give presentation
on How I Can Use The HP
Laptop Webcam!
Webcam allows a user to have face-to-face
communication online. It comes in wide variety of
different models. If you have HP laptop and want
to video conference with your friends or
colleagues but don’t know how to use it, then
follow the given steps to learn its usage.
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Firstly, you’ve to download the latest driver for the webcam.
Go to HP Support website to download the drivers. Enter the model
number of your laptop which can be seen on the sticker on the bottom of
the system.
Select the appropriate model from the list that appears.
Once it is done, select the O.S that is installed on your laptop.
Now, download the webcam driver from the list of accessible driver and software
Install the drivers and reboot the laptop at the end of the installation process.
HP Support Australia
Instigate the HP QuickPlay application. In most of the cases, HP laptops are
pre-installed with the driver and software. If in your case, it is not like that
then you have to manually download it from the official website.
Go to Music Videos Pictures icon in QuickPlay application. After this, go to
HP Webcam button to turn it on.
Now, double click the Active Webcam Picture to enlarge it to full screen.
Scroll down the screen and select Snapshot Image to take a picture.
Go to Record tab to start recording a video.
Use adequate lighting for adjusting the webcam picture quality.
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That’s all to be done to use camera in your laptop.
If you are experiencing some another problem and
unable to locate the exact reason of it, then give us
a call at HP Support Number 1-800-232-818 to
take our help. Our experts will immediately
respond to your call and will deliver you 24 X 7
technical help. Don’t worry for any technical error
as our technicians are expert in resolving errors
within minutes.
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