5 Ways to Speed Up Laptop, According to Dell Support

5 Ways to Speed Up Laptop, According to
Dell Support
If your Dell laptop is not working too fast, it might be a sign of many serious problems. There might be
something wrong with the hardware, but your system might also be full of viruses. But, in most cases,
the reasons why laptop is slow are not that serious. In fact, you can probably make the laptop work
much faster in just a few easy steps. Here are 5 methods provided by Dell Printer support, which will
make your laptop run much faster than before!
1. Do Disk Defragmentation
One of the easie4t ways to give a boost to your laptop is to do defragmenting of the disk. This way, you
will be able to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that have been slowing your computer. In order to do
it, follow the instructions of Dell technical support:
Step 1 – Right-click on the My Computer icon
Step 2 – Choose Properties
Step 3 – Run Disk Cleanup
2. Turn off the Apps You Don’t Need
There’s really no need to keep several applications open at the same time. Instead, you can focus only on
one at a time, which will allow your computer to focus entirely on it. Otherwise, your CPU and memory
will be overloaded with work.
3. Turn off Background Apps
There are some applications which continue working in the background, even after you close them.
What this means is that you might not be noticing that there are there, taking a toll on your computer’s
performance. In order to turn them off, you need to open task manager and end each task separately.
4. Run a Virus Scan
The reason why your Dell laptop is not working well might be that there are some viruses slowing it
down. Solving this problem is not that hard if you have a proper antivirus on your computer. If not, you
need to get one as soon as possible! You can ask Dell Technical Support Australia At +61-283206005 for
an advice on which antivirus is the best-buy.
5. Call Dell Support Number
Probably the best way to see what’s wrong with your computer is to ask professionals to help you.
People from tech support will know to diagnose the problem, but also to find the very best solution for