How to Completely Remove the Trend Micro from Window 8 Operating System?

How to Completely Remove the Trend
Micro from Window 8 Operating
Having trouble using Trend micro security software? Want to completely remove
it? Well, it is necessary if you are trying to install new security software. It is
recommended to use only one security software at a time to avoid the conflicts.
You can readily uninstall the program from the control panel built into the
operating system or if you have done so and still facing the problem then you can
use the Trend micro application’s entry form your computer start menu to remove
this program.
So here Trend Micro Technical Support presents you with a
comprehensive solution to accomplish this task. Just you need to
follow the described steps.
 Hit the start button and open the control panel, click “Uninstall the
program”. It will take you to the list of installed software.
 Select the Trend micro application form the list and click on “Uninstall”
option. Confirmed it by clicking on “Yes”. Follow the on-screen instruction
to complete the process.
You can also uninstall the program from the Trend micro
application’s entry.
 For this, return to the start screen, move to the location of applications you
want to remove. If you can’t see the entry for the application then right-click
or swipe up from the bottom and select the “All Apps”
 Select the Trend micro App and right-click and then select “Uninstall”, if
you are having the touch screen then tap the particular app and pull down on
the app tile to bring up to the option “Uninstall”.
It is seemingly easy but sometimes, its hidden products are too stubborn to remove
it from the system. It hampers the system performance and makes the system too
slow to work. In this case, it is better to get assistance from the experts. So feel free
to contact our experts via toll-free Trend Micro Support Number Australia (1800-807-909). They will not only assist you with this particular issue but also
provide a well-described solution in some other similar issues.