How to Fix Dark Print Issue on a Dell Printer?

How to Fix Dark Print Issue on a Dell
Suppose you have an urgent meeting and you tried your best to make the images best and took
a lot of time to do the same. When you give the print command, the paper is all black or dark.
How do you feel? Annoying? What to do now? Do you have any idea to get rid of such
Don’t get panic, take a deep breath and approach Dell Printer Technical Support Australia for
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Follow the instructions and get it fixed:
1. Open your laptop and then open Dell Printer software.
2. Navigate to Quality menu on the printer control panel.
3. Decrease the toner darkness and resent the print job.
 Toner darkness is set to value 8 by default.
4. If still, you get the dark prints then again navigate to Printer control panel.
5. Now, set the paper type, texture and weight in the Paper section to match the paper
loaded in the tray.
6. Once again resend the print job to check the results.
7. Also, confirm that the tray is set to the texture, type and paper loaded weight,
depending on your Operating System, enter the paper type, texture and weight from
Printing Preferences section.
8. After doing this, give the print command and check if the issue persists.
9. If the problem encountered again, then verify if the paper loaded in the tray has texture
of roughness.
10. If it is so, change the texture settings in the Paper Texture menu to get the desired
results of print.
11. Always load the paper from a fresh package and make sure it has not the presence of
12. Finally, if the problem is not resolved, replace the imagining unit and then resent the
print job.
So, that’s all to be done to get the good prints. For additional help, make a call to us at Dell
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