How can the Invoicing Feature be Used in QuickBooks Mobile App?

How can the Invoicing Feature be Used in
QuickBooks Mobile App?
QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software used for small and
medium sized business. If you are using its mobile application and want to
send unlimited clean, professional-style invoices from anywhere, you can
use our new invoicing feature. QuickBooks Support Canada helps you to
use this feature by providing the method in this blog.
Steps to be used by the Android users:
Open the App and in the upper left corner touch the hamburger (≡).
Scroll down a little and tap Invoices.
To create a new invoice, select the plus icon.
To add the recipient information, tap the plus icon again.
Provide the email address of recipient, phone number and address
(optional) in the given field.
 At upper-right corner tap the Save button.
 To add an invoice item touch (+). Here you can add as many items you
want using the same steps.
 Fill in the description.
 Go the upper-right corner and provide the amount. Choose a flat rate,
hourly rate, or per-unit (when you wish to be reimbursed for a
 In the upper-right corner tap Add.
 Provide the contact info that you want to appeared on invoice, the
due date, and a message (optional).
 To save it for later touch on Save as Draft or to send it directly, touch
Send Invoice.
When the first invoice is sent, its section displays the sent
invoices and from here you can:
Mark the invoice as paid
View it
Export it as PDF
Delete it
Print it
Resend it
If any problem is faced, go to the overflow menu and select Support or
Contact QuickBooks Customer Support Number 1-844-888-3870 to get
your queries resolved. Our team is always active to provide the best
possible solutions using the latest technologies. Just make a call on our
support number and talk to our experts to get instant help.
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