How to Add a Debit Card Transaction to QuickBooks?

There are several benefits to adding Debit card transaction in your QuickBooks. If you are a businessman then you can
provide your customer convenience of paying by Smartphone and tablet using QuickBooks. Same as the customer can pay
an invoice with a bank transfer payment. The QuickBooks is the most popular accounting Software developed by Intuit. It
offers numerous of features to its users like Adding a Pay Now button to your invoice and let your customer pay online,
manage and track your invoice, accepts payment through mobile and save time on every invoice with automatic
So Here QuickBooks Support New Zealand Provides you with a Complete Solution by Which
you can Readily Accomplish this T ask. Just go Ahead and Follow the Procedure;
1. Recording a Debit-Card Transaction to Offset a Tendered Bill in QuickBooks.
 Open your QuickBooks account on your device and click on the “vendor” tab, which is at the top of the
page. Select “Pay One Vendor”.
 Add the bank account by which you want to pay in the “payment account” field. Your money will be
deducted from this account. Check the “To be Printed” Box on the right side.
 Enter the relevant information on the “Check Number”.
 Click on the “Pay to Order of” button and choose the vendor from the Drop-down list.
 Enter the “Amount” and “Date” field.
 Go to left section and click on the “Bill Payment Information” button. Select the bill that you paid with your
debit card.
 Click on “Save” button, which should be on the bottom right.
2. Recording a Debit-Card Cash Transaction in QuickBooks.
 Go to the “Banking” tab at the top of the page in your QuickBooks account, and then click on “Cash
 Go to the “cash Account Field” and select the bank account. Fill the relevant information in the “reference
field”. Also, fill the vendor name in the “purchase from” field.
 Enter the “Amount” and “Date” field.
 Click the “Account field” and select the account from which charges are to be tracked.
 Go to right side of the page and click on “Save” Button.
These steps (that our experts tried to make you out better) are seemingly easy. But it might be complicated in the case of
some other issue you face with this program. Therefore it is always better to get in touch with the expert. So feel free to
contact our experts via QuickBooks Technical Support Number NZ +64-099509151. They will not only help you in this issue
but also provide you with a complete solution in case of some other similar issue.
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