QuickBooks Support - What is the process of recording a customer payment

What is the process of recording a customer payment?
Just like the way expenses are recorded, the money that the customers pay, deposit, interests, refund on
expense as well as other income can be recorded manually under the options prescribed under money in
the transaction tab. Proceed down for accessing the payment into a joint account and on an invoice and
if the optimization and settlement aren’t made appropriate and you need to pertain help, ask from the
core of value system i.e. QuickBooks Technical Support for instant help.
While processing payment on an invoice
1. Choose a plus sign and then prompt for receiving the payment.
2. Insert the title of the customer subsequently. This name must be inserted in the dialog box appeared
on the screen.
3. Put up the payment in the amount method and do not forget to add the reference number in the
same section. You can choose the link of adding a new one if you desire to make a direct payment
into the account from NEFT. You may also opt for ACH option by inserting the reference number.
4. Ensure to have the correction of invoice verified. The wrong invoice must be unchecked and if you
are requisite of selecting more, tick the checkbox.
5. The range can be filtered as well on the page of receiving the payment for limiting the number of
open invoices that are being displayed.
6. You may choose to either deposit the checking of cheque profile directly or indirectly through
undeposited funds that will be placed on the bank deposit screen together.
7. To save the alterations, hit on the save button.
In case of joint payments
1. Place the cursor over the plus sign again for receiving the payments.
2. Put the name of the person or the vendor in the open field here.
3. Insert the method of payment and the amount along with the RN. Ensure to jot down t he cheque
number in the reference field.
4. Place an entry into the memo field representing that the transaction is already included in the
5. Verify the checking of appropriate invoice. Verify the correct along with the incorrect one manually.
6. Select the deposition to the undeposited funds that will be placed under the deposit screen to
incline with the other payments.
7. Hit the save button for submitting the changes.
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