How to Resolve When Error Message Occurred While Updating AVG?

How to Resolve When Error
Message Occurred While
Updating AVG?
If you are an existing user of AVG antivirus tool and you want to update the
application to use its latest features, then this blog will help you out to do
the same. Having the latest version of any software is very useful for the
users as it adds some features that may be essential to you for protecting
the device from virus infection. Also, the speed of the software is increased
to some level. The interface of the software also gets changed providing an
attractive look.
If you are updating AVG and suddenly you got this message “Update has
detected running installation. Complete that installation before starting
update”. Then you may also receive this error 0XC0070652. Do you know
the reason behind this error code? It’s due to Windows installation process
running in the background of your system.
This can be solved as follows:
1. Firstly, confirm that no other software installation is running on your
laptop. If another installation is in progress and will take some time
to complete, then please wait for it to finish and retry the update
2. Once it is completed, Press Ctrl+ Alt + Delete keys simultaneously
on your keyboard.
3. Doing this will open a black screen with five options. You have to
click on Task Manager.
4. Now, on the next screen in Task Manager, navigate to the
Processes tab, and then look for an item called "Windows
installer" or "msiexec.exe".
5. When you found the option, make a left-click on the "Windows
installer" to select it and then select End task button in bottom right
corner of the Task Manager screen.
6. A small window will be visible to confirm the action. Select End
task again to continue the process.
7. If there are more prompts of "Windows installer" or "msiexec.exe"
appeared in the Task Manager screen, please repeat the steps 5
and 6 for all of them.
8. Get back to AVG and run the update once again.
That’s all to be done to complete the update process of this antivirus
program. If you are looking for more proficient assistance for resolving the
issues related to this product, then contact AVG antivirus support Canada to
avail our instant help. We will help to remove the virus infection as well as
protect your device from other security threats.
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