What Should I Do When AVG Installation Is Failing

What Should I Do When AVG Installation Is Failing?
Like another antivirus program, AVG antivirus can also be downloaded and installed easily on the system.
But a user must check the configuration or system requirements before installing this program. Most
people don’t check the system compatibility and fail to have desired software. The user must follow the
correct procedure to install this antivirus.
When you’re getting installation fail message, then try these general solutions to eliminate such problems:
Using AVG Reset Access Tool
Firstly, save all your work and then close all the running programs on the desktop.
Now, download the AVG Reset Access Tool from the official website.
Run the downloaded file to move ahead with the procedure.
Click Accept to agree the license and then select Continue button to apply the fix.
The system will be restarted and the problem is solved.
Using AVG Remover to uninstall any previous version of this software or its parts
1. Download the tool from the official website and then run the downloaded file.
2. Select Continue when the AVG’s License Agreement and Privacy Policy show on the screen.
3. This tool scans the system to find all installed AVG products. Select the product which you want to
uninstall and click Remove option.
4. Select Restart button located at the middle-bottom of the window.
5. When the Open File-Security Warning dialog shows on-screen after a restart, click Run to finish the
6. If prompted, then you have to restart your computer again.
If Error code 0x6001f916, 0xe001f90b, 0x6001f90b or 0xe001f916 is shown on the screen, then to
rectify this problem, restart your system to complete the installation.
If Error code 0xe001d026 or 0xc00700652 appears, then this indicates that another installation is in
progress. In order to rectify this problem, make sure there is no other setup or update running. If
so, then stop the install/update, reboot the system and restart the AVG installation.
So, these were the common errors of which solutions are discussed above. If you got another issue related
to this antivirus, then we are the third-party service provider to solve such issues. Make a call at AVG
Technical Support Number +61-283173561 and get the solution from the trustable team. The engineers of
this team are enlightened and experienced enough to mend the technical errors. Customers can rely on us
to get instant help for updating, uninstalling, reinstalling and all other problems related to this program.
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