How Can You Disable the Antivirus, Approach AVG Support

How can you disable the antivirus, approach AVG Support
If your antivirus is stopping you to install legitimate software, you must deactivate it during the install. You
can try disabling the individual security option rather than relying on deactivating the whole application.
Follow the prompts below and get the fixation:
Disable the personal protection
Get access to the AVG antivirus. Move for the protection you desire to get disabled. Just, for
example, hit the identity link in case you desire to get it deactivated.
Hit the enable link for disabling the protecting link which might change it to disabled. Hit the
disabled link for enabling the service again.
You must choose the back arrow for returning to the homepage of AVG. This modification can also
be done by hitting the X button located at the corner on the top for hiding the application.
Just in case you need to get familiar with the application, its uses and the services; get in touch with our
technical experts at AVG Contact Support for instant support at a negligible cost.
Disable the entire protection
Get access to the AVG antivirus and hunt for options in the drop-down menu bar. Go to the advance
option link.
Hit the temporary + the disable button in the drop-down menu and then choose the amount of time
for disabling the protection.
Go for a selection of restart for deactivation till the PC restarts.
Once it is finished, you can easily click the ok button for enabling your security before the time runs
If the above process isn’t making you satisfied, you can ask your queries and put an end to your concerns by
dialing AVG Helpline Number. Our support panel is available 24*7 to help you in any matter. Here, the
solution will be provided by our technical experts who will not only fix the doubt but are well versed with
experience of years to provide you complete direction step by step.