Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment – Building
Self Esteem
Today, the women empowerment in Uganda has been noticed from a very
narrow perception in the whole world. Concentration ought to be placed on
manifesting a holistic advancement to womanhood and the female with the idea
of having a perfect balance of what a woman observes on the inside of herself
and the outside of herself to assist with building confidence. Herewith women's
rights in Uganda should reach more than what the media represents she should
be and how she must act and attempt for a woman to be her real self and make a
matriarchal culture built on generative and creative action. A culture that
embraces this type of woman would be completely based on the supports of
compassion, love, and nurturing with a function of joining the nature’s forces.
In case it is to happen in reality, then the major requirement is the economic,
social, political, religious empowerment of women as their real selves. Today, you
can see economic empowerment programs in Uganda that encouraging women
towards their rights. Women should release themselves of the repression of their
vision which traps them in a sequence of low confidence and entirely take part in
reforming society by learning to love them for who they are and honestly and
closely working with other women in a true affiliation.
In case women are economically empowered, socially, politically and religiously
then they become more secure and will eloquent their thoughts without any fear
of scorn and are more efficient with their actions. We should keenly support
equal rights for women. It can only be encouraging for her, her society and
family as she will be concerned in decisions having an effect on all of the above
and her choices would be based on what is good for the whole and not only
herself. In Uganda, women are getting their rights, doesn’t matter where you are
living, you should raise your hands towards gender equality in Uganda.
Structures of our society today are still patriarchal geographically based on
control and power. In this situation women are prone to feel second class and not
actually have a say in what things matters even though she have to be the one to
bear the impact of it. Today’s the media as always shows what men think women
must act like and look like. Is this what you are supporting gender inequality in
Uganda? It makes things tough for young girls growing up to search sources
which assist with building confidence and therefore causes them to feel
Coaching programs and developing mentoring to promote gender equality that
teach older and young women how to reveal and live their real selves will lead to
more transformations in our society which will then make a drastic change for
the Uganda and whole world.
It is of the greatest value we know what true women’s right is and not only repeat
similar old stale message that woman must be remunerated more. Female are
happy with whom they are and work in partnership with any other women
without jealousy will make economic development and let women to be more