How to Remove Common Errors of Lexmark Printer?

How to Remove Common Errors of
Lexmark Printer?
Printers are very important in every office that an employee requires to work upon. Lexmark is a
good brand in terms of providing best and affordable printers. It offers a variety of printing
machines like inkjet, laser, wireless and wired printer. It gives the best quality printouts. In spite
of all these features, users confront some general issues which need to be fixed for the smooth
functioning of the printer.
Following are the common issues and solutions to them:
Ink low message
This error message shows when your cartridges are about 25%, 15% and 5% full. Order a new
cartridge and replace them with the older one.
Paper Jam message
If you have All-In-One and the display shows one of the following message:
Press Power, then clear paper jam
Clear paper jam//Press Stop/Clear
Then follow the given instructions on the display to remove the error. Remove the jammed
paper gently from the machine and then try printing.
Paper Out message
This message indicates that paper tray is out of paper. To remove this error, you have to load the
paper in the tray and set them accordingly. Give a test print after loading and remove any folded
or wrinkled paper from the tray to remove further problems while printing.
Cartridge Error: 1203
Sometimes this error code is shown on the display and to remove this error, you have to
reinstall the cartridge. Turn off the printer and unplug it from the wall outlet. Plug in after few
minutes and reinstall the cartridges.
Power light blinks twice
If the printer shows this message, then restart the machine in an interval of one minute. Give a
test print after restarting.
Reinstalling the software
If your printing machine is not functioning properly or if it is showing a communication error
message while printing, then it needs to reinstall the printer software.
On the desktop, select Start button and then move to Programs.
Select Lexmark 4200 Series from the available list and then click Uninstall.
Follow the further on-screen instructions to remove the software for your printer.
Now, restart the system and insert the CD to install All-In-One software.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
To get the solution for another problem which is not mentioned above, contact us at Lexmark
Technical Support Australia @+61-283173447. Our experts offer complete technical support for
various issues in your printer. The software, drivers, user errors, network issues, printing
problem and many other issues are resolved at our hand within a specific time. We provide
complete assistance for resolving connectivity issues with the printer in a suitable way. We are
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