Do You Want to Look Young and Beautiful For Long Time

Do You Want to Look Young and Beautiful For Long Time?
Anti aging minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are important for keeping wellness, health and
longevity. According to our age, our bodies make and absorb lesser nutrients amounts required
to fight with the symptoms and signs of aging. Harm to our cells from pollution, oxidation, stress
and free radicals mount up and affect abilities of our cell to regenerate and repair. Once we are
young, our bodies can sustain with the task of growth and repair. After 25 years, ability of our
bodies to keep up steadily fades and the results of aging start to appear.
Our mitochondria cells - the cell engine turns into damaged and less resourceful at making
energy. The skill to absorb nutrients and throw away cellular waste unfavorably affects the
function of cells and repair. Here we should get information from website, marx-med. Chemical
and electrical signals of our body turns into delayed and don’t timely react to free radicals,
stress, parasites, and inflammation. Constant inflammation is the body not able to efficiently deal
with the situation it is trying to correct.
Different products of Anti Aging
Anti aging products like juvederm ultra, anti wrinkle products and anti aging skin cream all
keep needed nutrients. Minerals, vitamins, Omega 3 EFA – important fatty acids, antioxidants,
carotenoids, CoQ10 - coenzyme Q10, phyto-nutrients, resveratrol, growth hormone and green
tea are few of the nutrients which keep secure our cells. Oxidation and free radicals are two of
the major culprits involved in the process of aging and juvederm volbella is able to control.
These mentioned nutrients all assist free radical damage and fight oxidation - mainly DNA
repair and damage.
These supplements for anti aging like Restylane Defyne reverse and slow aging in two manners.
Initial one is cellular damage prevention by free radicals by their properties of antioxidant.
Another way is by the commencement of the telomerase enzyme that keeps secure and extends
the telomeres length. These are on the DNA strands ends and decide the number of times a cell
can separate. By expanding the telomeres, you are expanding cell’s longevity or a healthy
lifespan thus the body longevity. For more details you can check some online websites.
The Major Vitamins for Anti Aging
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Vitamin E
Vitamin D (actually a hormone)
Just approx every mineral and vitamin either indirectly or directly has a fraction in the process
of anti aging. A shortage can cause aging or the incapability to fight the aging effects. The
immune and hormonal systems play an important role in the aging rate. The body is a work of
electrical and chemical signals and reactions or actions. Just one hormone, nutrient, signal or
toxin can cause a cascading result all through the body affecting its skill to fix itself.
Growth of men and women, decline and repair are driven by the levels of hormone. The major
hormones that directly affect us according to the age are; estrogen, testosterone, insulin,
progesterone, growth hormone, DHEA... according to the age, our hormones turn down and
become disturbed - this adds to the aging signs:
Muscle loss
Weight gain
Wrinkles and age spots
Hair loss