Gift Ideas for Flower Girls

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Gift Ideas for
Flower Girls
Flower girls are a quintessential part of a wedding. While everyone
anticipates watching the bride walk down the aisle, the guests are
anticipating watching the little flower girl as much. This is also her special
day to be a princess to the queen. This little girl is an important part to a
wedding and she plays one of the cutest role. Showing your appreciation for
this little one on your special day is always a lovely touch. But you may be
wondering what a great gift would be?
Embroidered Handkerchief:
This gift is a wonderful keepsake and she will so happy to have when it is her
turn for her big wedding day. A poem, “Today you are young but soon you’ll
be grown. So here is something old to carry on the wedding day of your
own” with a date put on it too. It’s so lovely and sweet and a great reminder
that there is a bright and wonderful future for her ahead.
Vintage Rosette and Rhinestone Sash & Headband Set:
The perfect accessory set, this gift will be one that your flower girl will truly
treasure, not only the day of the wedding but for many years to come.
Check out our wonderful accessory set. The sash can be added for a bit of
sparkle and flair for the bodice of her flower girl dress with a matching
headband for her hair.
Flower Girl Onesie with Boho Antler:
This adorable onesie is a perfect gift. Not only is it a fun gift that she will get
to keep for a long time but she can wear to many of the different wedding
festivities. She can dress is up with a tutu skirt and a floral wreath
headpiece. Or she can dress it casual chic with a pair of jeans and some
glittery tennis shoes. Book Boho Dream Catcher Dreamer Baby Onesie
A Flower Girl Emergency Kit:
This is a great gift to give to a little flower girl, especially because chances
are, she will probably a lot of down time during all the adult festivities. This
emergency kit is filled with fun activities such as crayons and coloring
books, some snacks and a small toy. This will help keep her occupied and will
be items that she can use for a long time.
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