Unique Flower Girl Ideas

Being a flower girl is a little girl’s first glimpse one what it is like to be a princess for the day.
They get to be part of the fairy tale and dream that one day it will be them walking down the
aisle towards their very own Prince. If you are looking to add a special twist to your little flower
girl, you have come to the right place. Here are our unique flower girl ideas:
Sparkly Tennis Shoes: Sure those fancy shoes are adorable but most dressy shoes are quite
uncomfortable. A great and awesome trend we are now seeing is little flower girls in tennis
shoes. But they are not in just regular old plain tennis shoes – these shoes are blinged out!
With sparkly rhinestones and pearls, your little flower girl will not only have comfortable feet
but will look quite glamorous too. Make sure you check out our adorable Crystal Converse
Large Paper Umbrellas: Instead of walking down the aisle with flower petals or a bouquet,
walking down with a large paper umbrella is quite chic. If you have two flower girls, on the top
of one umbrella can say “Here comes” and the other can say, “The bride.” Not only does it look
adorable but these umbrellas are great keepsakes. They are perfect for outdoor weddings on a
bright sunny day.
Gatsby Inspired headpieces: Flower crowns have always been a staple for a flower girl, but a
new cute twist is adorning her hair with a glitzy Gatsby inspired headpiece. With some lace, a
few flowers and feathers, this is a quite the hair piece statement. Check out our Special
Occasion Rhinestone headband or our Big Champagne and Cream Flowers with Feather and
Lace Headband.
The perfect photo op: Want a super adorable picture that will be a lovely keepsake for your
little flower girl? A photo of her trying to slip on the brides shoes is absolutely adorable. A
photo shot of those cute tiny feet trying to fill the bride’s shoes is a great keepsake. It is a
lovely promise that one day it will be her getting to walk down the aisle towards her own prince
charming. Parents of the flower girl will truly treasure this heartwarming photo.
Source: https://rufflesbowtiesbowtique.wordpress.com/2018/03/06/unique-flower-girl-ideas