Step Reset the Administrator Password on your Dell

Step Reset the Administrator
Password on your Dell Laptop?
Step Reset the Administrator
Password on your Dell Laptop?
• It is normal to forget the big complicated password of your
Dell laptop. Fortunately, your Dell laptop allows you to reset
the password. Resetting password means creating a new
password and this can be done in two ways either using the
system administrator account or by recovery disk which
totally depends upon the type of network connected to your
• In this blog, Dell Tech Support provided the simple steps for
both methods to reset the administrator password of your
system. Go through the below-mentioned steps according to
your network.
Reset using system administrator account
• If you have a local user account, you can only reset
your local user account password not domain
password as it doesn’t allow you to access the
domain of your laptop connected to it.
• Now go to Start and type User Account in the search
field and press enter key.
• After opening it, click on ‘Manage User Account’ and
go to ‘User’ tab and click on ‘Your User Account’.
• Then click on Reset password and type your new
password and type it again for confirmation. Then
click OK to save the changes.
Reset using Recovery Disk
• Firstly, you have to create password recovery
disk using an external drive like CD or flash drive
to reset the password.
• After creating the disk, click on ‘Reset Password’
and insert the disk into the drive. A new window
will appear on your screen.
• You have to enter your new password and reenter to confirm it and press OK to save
• In the end, reboot your system with your new
Dell Tech Support
If still facing any issue while executing
the above procedure, then immediately
contact our technicians at Dell Customer
Support Number 1-800-958-235. They
will provide instant solutions for such
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