How To Reset The Password For Microsoft Windows Live Mail

How to Reset
The Password
For Microsoft
Windows Live
Windows Live Mail is a suitable email client that lets you organize and access various email
account in one place. But when a user faces the difficulty to start with it, then there are many
problems he may come across. To avoid all this or to reset the password for your account,
follow the given below instructions:
Option1. Recovery of password through website
1. Visit the website and reach to ‘Why can’t you sign-in’ page.
2. Select a reason for not able to sign in to your account. There will be three
options visible on the screen, choose one and click ‘Next’.
3. Enter your Windows Live email address in the required field.
4. Now, type the captcha correctly to prove that you are not a robot and click
5. A code will be sent on your registered mobile number/email address. Open the
message and enter the code to confirm your identity.
6. Doing this will result in a new window where you have to enter new secret keys
for your Windows live mail account.
7. Congratulations! You’ve successfully recovered back your account.
Option 2: Automatic Recovery Method
1. Open your web browser and download and install the Password Recovery
2. Run the downloaded file and select Start Recovery button.
3. Doing this will open a drop down list that shows all supported password types.
4. Make a selection for Email Password and then select Windows Live Mail
Password option.
5. The software will automatically detect the profile of Windows Mail on the local
system, immediately decrypt and disclose your email ID password stored in the
These were the suitable measures to recover the account. If above provided information
doesn’t find relevant to you, make a call to Microsoft contact support number Australia +61283206008 to get the best remedy for your problem. Don’t ever hesitate to call us, as our
executives are very friendly and provide the guidance in more appropriate way. This is a team
of talented experts where you can get the solution fast. They will listen to your minute details
as they are trained to provide an immediate solution to every issue.