Fixing Windows Guided Troubleshooter Issues In Hp Laptop

Fixing Windows Guided
Troubleshooter Issues In Hp Laptop
For Windows 8 users, if you use Microsoft account to log in to your laptop, follow the Process
provided in this blog. Windows 10 or 8 support the option to log into your PC with the webbased account that sync contents, apps & settings across all over Microsoft services. The
account type and user ID is linked to an email ID. A Microsoft password can be rest online from
another device or PC with Internet access. Hp Support Canada would like to make you aware of
resetting the password, make sure caps lock isn’t enabled and if multiple layouts are created,
change your keyboard layout before you reset the password. Now perform the following steps:
Reset your Microsoft account password:
You can change or reset your password from another laptop with Internet access if you
sign into Windows 10 or 8 with your Microsoft account.
Go to Microsoft account password reset (in English) , then perform then perform onscreen steps to change the password.
After completing the change, make sure the laptop with login issues has internet access.
Attempt to log in with the new password.
Your problem must be resolved by now if still, you can’t log in or any problem is noticed,
repeat the troubleshooting steps. For more support for your Hp laptop contact our
service providers.
Make a call on HP Customer Support Number Canada @1-855-687-3777 and get the best out
of the service provided for you. This service offers professional assistance — through online selfservice options, best phone support, and an extensive network of business partners & certified
Give a brief description of the encountered issue and get it resolved by our experts within a
short span of time. Our team consists of highly qualified engineers, who deal with customers
using the latest technology and provides the best possible solutions to their problem. We
provide the most satisfactory and instant answers to our customers with ease and comfort.