The Power of Influencer Marketing

The Power of Influencer Marketing
What is Influencer Marketing?
Think about how many ads and banners you see on a daily basis. Now, think about how
many you remember. Probably none. On the other hand, when a friend recommends you a
product, you will probably choose it over some other brand. This is exactly what influencer
marketing does. An influencer is a person with credibility, someone people trust, whose
opinion matters, and has a decent amount of social media followers.
When it comes to influencer marketing, it is essential to find the right person who will
genuinely like your product and market it in a proper way. In this scenario, it is not you who
creates content. It is totally up to the person you select.
Influencer Marketing Campaigns
One of many examples of a good influencer marketing campaigns is Boxed Water. The
company contacted famous Instagram influencers to endorse their product. They made a
deal to plant six trees for every product purchased online. Until today, more than 600,000
trees have been planted. A similar thing can be done on every other social media platform.
You can contact influencers on Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, depending on
what you are trying to sell.
How to Make a Successful Campaign
First, find the right person for the job. Look for an influencer with the most engaging content
preferably who is familiar with your product. For instance, if you want to sell a protein
powder, find a trainer, fitness model or a weight loss expert.
Let the influencer be creative. After all, this is what he or she does best. The perfect scenario
would be for your product to organically fit into the influencer’s content. If a post looks too
salesy, they can lose credibility among the audience.
Unfortunately, influencer marketing is not free. However, compensation does not necessarily
have to be financial. It can include reciprocal marketing, discounts, gifts, or giveaways.
Some of the few downsides of influencer marketing are fake profiles, lack of control, and
influencer’s potential loss of credibility. Today, everyone can buy social media followers.
Choose a person who creates engaging content. Also, take the leap of faith – if you are
familiar with a specific influencer, trust them! Let them do their job and create amazing
content for you.
Good luck!