How can I watch DVDs on my Acer-converted

Acer laptops are one of the affordable and
durable operating systems used by millions
of people around the world. Many Acer
laptops offer two-in-one optical drive on
which CDs and DVDs both can be played
easily. If you are a new user of this branded
laptop then setting it up to play your favorite
DVDs is a task of just 2 minutes.
Have a look at these instructions:
Step 1. Locate the optical drive on your Acer
laptop. This must be located on the right
hand side. Note if your laptop has a DVD logo
because if it is not available then your laptop
can’t play the DVD as it will support only CDs.
Step 2. Press the button to open the case of
Optical drive where you have to put the drive.
Withdraw any CDs left in the case, if
Step 3. Place the DVD into the case and
gently push inside to close it. Please note that
the empty area of the DVD will be downward
and the printed paper side will be upward.
Step 4. Wait a minute until you see a message
asking you “How would you like to open the
DVD in your optical drive?” Choose the media
player of your choice when a drop down box
is visible on the screen. After the selection,
click Open.
Step 5. Use the control buttons located at the
bottom of your laptop screen to pause, play,
rewind, stop or fast-forward the DVD as you
So, that’s it! Isn’t the process very easy? If
you still have any doubt, then contact our
specialists, who are active round the clock to
assist the customers. There will be no hold
times and no delays to take action on your
problems. So, be relaxed and dial Acer
Support Phone Number+1778-806-1736 for
instant solution of your troubles. Ask
whatever the problem you are facing and
vanish all the predicaments within minutes.
If You have any query regarding laptop and
computer make a call at Acer Support Canada
Helpline Number +1778-806-1736
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