Horizontal Stripes Issue While Printing On Dell Printer-converted

 If you are getting horizontal lines on your prints still
after printing many documents then, you are
completely wasting the papers. So, let’s discuss the
solution to rectify this issue if you are using a Dell
 Steps to follow:
 1. First of all, make sure to verify the toner is of Dell
brand. It can be checked through PPID number on the
toner cartridge.
 2. If it is of Dell brand then clean the inside area of the
printer and also its surroundings.
 3. Give a test print for contamination check report.
 A. Turn off your printer and after waiting for few
seconds turn it on again by pressing the up and down
arrow buttons.
 B. Release both the button when you see Diagnosing is
displayed on the printer screen.
 C. Next you will see the Customer Mode and IOT Diag
are displayed.
 D. Hit the down arrow button to select Test Print
option. Now, click press the Select button.
 E. Using up or down arrow keys reach to
ContaminationChk and then print 5 pages of it.
 4. You can press the Cancel button to move back or to
cancel the print. Now, measure the stripe pitch and
Contact Dell Printer Support with the results.
 5.
Now, withdraw the drum cartridge and make sure
that there are no other foreign particles available
around the window of the ROS assembly.
 6. Once this is done, print a toner pallet check in
 ? Turn off the printing machine and wait for few
seconds before turning it on again.
 ? Press up and down keys at the same time while
turning on the printer.
 ? Repeat the same steps from B to D and then select
Toner Pallet Check option by pressing the up/down
button on the printer.
 7. Check the report and if the Drum cartridge is found
to be faulty then you need to replace it immediately.
 Contact us via Dell Printer Customer Support Number
and describe the problem to our executives who will
apply the necessary fixes on your printer to make it
work well. If your Dell machine is working very slow,
having paper jam issue frequently, giving bad print
result and other technical error then share it with us
and we will offer you the best possible solution to it.
Contact Us: If you have any query regarding printer make a call at
Dell Printer Support Australia
 Helpline Number +61-283173391
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