How to resolve communication failure in Dell Printers - Copy

 Facing technical problems with the printer device is
not a strange idea; it is very common in the present
generation which solely depends on the technology.
Although the process of operating Dell Printers is very
easy, still there are people who need support in
connecting the wire printer with the computer. We
have therefore prepared this article to help you resolve
the communication errors. You can Contact Dell
Technical Support whenever you face complications
while operating the device.
 Here is how to troubleshoot communication
 1. Ensure that you have configured the computer
settings and the Dell printer is set as the Default
 2. Go to the computer settings and select the “Online
in the printers and faxes” option
 3. After select these settings you will be required to
start the troubleshooting process, but before that, you
must print a printer network setting page
 4. Search for the available software and driver updates
and install them
 5. Check for the status of Card lights visible at the back
of the device; you will see either of these:
 Take these steps if only one light is being flashed:
• Insert the network cable once again
• Connect the printer to the computer and then reset it
to the default settings
• Check for the IP address
 Do this if one light is flashing and the other is
continuously blinking:
 Make sure that the driver properties matches the IP
address which was there on the test page for printers’
network settings.
 Contact us for further help
 This method will definitely be helpful for you to
resolve the connection problems on the Dell laser
printer, but in case, you face technical errors while you
execute these steps or you find that the steps are not
relevant, then you can simply dial the Dell Printer
Customer Helpline Number +61-283173391 or send
an email to connect with our experts and ask for
further techniques to refute the issue in an more easier
Contact Us: If You Have Any Query Regarding Printer Make a Call
On Dell Printer Support Australia
Number:- +61-283173391
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