How To Procedure for resetting Acer Laptop-converted

It is recommended by the experts, that if your device is
having troubles, then it is always better to perform a reset
of your device, so that it eliminates all malware or virus
from the device if present. However, mind us that this
step should only be taken if there is no other alternative
available to you to get out of those errors. It is also
suggested by the professionals that you must create a
backup of all your data in that device. So that it doesn’t
get lost once it’s deleted from your current device after
the process culminates. It is a very simple process but
demands full attention and carefulness. You must not
deviate from the instructions provided to you.
To initiate the process, restart your computer by
clicking on Start option on the bottom left corner
of your device’s screen and select the icon of
settings and chose the option of Restart among
In order to activate ‘Advanced boot option’ you
should press the F8 key. Remember that you need
to press the F8 key before the logo of your Acer
laptop appears on the screen. If you failed in this
task, then restart the device and try again.
Once the Advanced boot options window
appears, choose the down arrow to select the
‘Repair you computer’ option and select enter.
Now login your device as an administer user
followed by selecting Acer factory image restore
or something similar to this, depending on your
devices model.
In the following window click on the ‘Next’ option;
tick the box stating ‘Yes, reformat the hard drive
and restore system software to factory conditions’,
and select Next.
Select option Finish to culminate the process.
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