Enhance Your Mail Service Experience With Some Easy-converted

Here are some tips that can
enhance a user’s experience
Filter your emails: You can use the search box to filter
your emails, in case, you are searching an old email,
this option will make your work easier. Reply and
archive at the same time: In case, you are looking to
archive an email then it’s better to add “send and
archive” button so that it gets archived as soon as you
reply an email. You need to go to its settings to
activate this feature.
Modify your label menu according to your priority
list: You can customize the settings as per your
choice so that emails that are important can be
visible on top and you can navigate them easily.
Use Shortcuts: If you haven’t used shortcut keys, then
you should start using shortcut keys so that you can
fasten up your work, instead of roaming around.
These points will help in saving your time as well as
enhance the working experience of a user. In case,
you are not able to use these above-mentioned tips
in a successful manner, no worries make a call
on Bigpond Support Number +(61)283173468
and get instant help for your query.