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At the Morgan Legal Group PC, our focus is personalized attention for each of our clients. Our team of
trained professionals can handle complex legal matters and take pride in providing personalized service.
Unlike many large assembly-line law firms, the client gets to speak to an attorney whenever they have a
question. Our team takes pride in promptly returning any and all phone-calls, emails and other inquiries
from each of our clients on the same day or at the time the client requests.The livelihoods of hundreds
or even thousands of people will depend on the soundness and transparency of your estate plan. You
may have the utmost love and fondness for your spouse and your children. You may want to ensure that
they are comfortable when you have passed on. However, the control and administration of any
companies that you own or are connected is a different matter. It may be your wish that the people that
you have worked with, trained up, and have the utmost confidence in be left with the sole responsibility
of running businesses when you are gone.Without a clear, detailed, and irrefutable estate plan issues
related to the control and ownership of your assets will be thrown into the courts. They will need to be
adjudicated, and the result may be contrary to your intentions at best. At worst, it could plunge your
enterprises into extreme chaos and lead to the unraveling of all that you spent your life putting