Hospice Care

Hospice Care
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When many people think of sheltering their assets, they tend to wonder
if this is legal. Not only is it perfectly legal, but when done by an
attorney who understands how to navigate the complexities associated
with Medicaid rules and regulations, is completely ethical and a smart
choice for families who have income and assets they need to protect in
order to maintain their standard of living. While initially unknown to
many people as a viable option, it has become very popular in recent
years as the preferred method of planning for long-term care.
If you or your loved one is in hospice care without prior legal
preparation, we understand that you’ll have a number of concerns that
require immediate attention. In consideration of this, we provide
on-call legal aid at any time of day or night for our clients in Long
Island. We can dispatch a certified legal assistant to help draft and
sign paperwork, provide legal counseling to patients and relatives
alike, and explain the options available both for medical assistance
and estate planning at the end-of-life stage.
If you’re in Long Islandand need legal advice for hospice care, Morgan
Legal Group is here for you. We’ll provide options that can give
clarity and certainty in a fraught time. You can trust us to provide
sound legal advice at any time of day or night, with 24-hour on-call
assistance and a team of experts who will come to you. Call us today
to inquire -- we’ll help put everything in order.
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