Commercial Laundry And Dry Cleaning

Commercial Laundry And Dry Cleaning
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(929) 209-2939
Mon - Sun 6 a.m - 11 p.m
All cc, cash
CleanBlink is Brooklyn’s premier Laundry & Dry Cleaning pickup and delivery service. From the shirt on your back to the carpet
under your feet, we’ll clean all types of clothing, as well as linens, bedding, area rugs and more. Our experienced Laundry &
Dry-Cleaning specialists will care for your clothes as if they were their own.
As for being garment-friendly, CleanBlink specializes in care for designer pieces and custom-made clothing. We start by
examining the material type, ornamentation, construction and designed detail of your garment. From there, we’ll hand-spot,
hand-press and hand-finish your garments to preserve its ultimate look and longevity. Might we add bridal, evening wear,
vintage clothing, alterations, restorations, and preservation to our long list of fortes.
If you own a restaurant or you’re a massage therapist, you most likely go through hundreds of towels and linens each week.
The task of dealing with that amount of laundry can be daunting. Most businesses don’t even have the room for an on-site
washer and dryer while others don’t have the time to dedicate to washing and folding laundry. Whatever the reason, choosing
a service like commercial laundry pickup allows you to spend more time helping your business grow. So let the dedicated
professionals at CleanBlink take care of the laundry.
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